Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E3 2011 - EA & Ubisoft Conferences

Written by Syko Shadow

Well, Microsoft disappointed me greatly. I'm only excited by four of the things they've shown, and I already knew about two of them before E3 even started. Hopefully, EA and Ubisoft will satiate my appetite for gaming news.

Remember, all of this is simply my opinions of the announcements as I heard them, and all of which are my opinion. So if anything I say offends or angers you... well I'm doing my job. Allons-y!

Electronic Arts

Mass Effect 3
Well, I'm won over. The demo they showed was pretty brief, but satisfying nonetheless. The subtle things, like smooth lighting and what may or may not be a higher framerate than ME2, make it great. This demo also debuts the return of Legion, everyone's favorite geth. It ends with a turret sequence against a giant spider-like Reaper, and cuts to black right as the Reaper walker emerges from a crater recently created by a bombing strike from the Normandy. Overall, an exciting teaser, and the rest of E3 gave us even more exciting demo footage of this game. I'll be sure to give my thoughts on all the Mass Effect 3 E3 footage soon.

Need For Speed: The Run
I am a big fan of the previous Need For Speed game, the return of Hot Pursuit. This game looks almost as good. I say almost for two reasons:

1. It will never be as good as Hot Pursuit.

2. The so-called "on-foot sections" are just cinematic quicktime events. Fucking yawn.

Overall, I'll be keeping my eye on this game, but I will be equally wary of the parts of the game without driving. Seriously, quicktime events? What the fuck.

SSX, FIFA & Madden
All EA Sports Games, so I will be nice and just say... FUCK OFF WITH IT!

Sims Social
The Sims are coming to Facebook? Hey I'll give it a chance. It doesn't sound like such a bad idea either, and Facebook needs at least one decent fuckin' game... other than Nyanicorn.

Shut the fuck up.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
On one hand, this game looks tight, and the art style is being handled by Todd McFarlane, of who I am a fan. On the other hand, it's a medieval fantasy game, which I usually always hate, and I didn't see anything more than a trailer that looks like the game is trying to be a hack-n-slash. Magx might wanna look into it, but I won't. I know he would love this game, or love to hate on it if the hack-n-slash elements are shit.

Oh fuck yes. I've been waiting to see Insomiac Studio's new multi-platform game ever since I heard they were making it. The makers of Ratchet and Clank can't go wrong in my eyes. Needless to say, I am FAR from disappointed in the trailer for OverStrike. The art style, characters, and best of all Insomniac's penchant for crazy-ass weaponry are all there, and all great.

The trailer depicts the Misfits, four government agents with various eccentricities. No doubt my favorite of the Misfits is Jacob Kimball, the so-called "pacifist monk" of the group who moments later is seen kicking someone the fuck outta a goddamn window, and immediately fucking people up with an electric crossbow. Now how can you go wrong there?? I'm hyped for this game, I can't wait to see gameplay footage. I do wish they had a gameplay trailer, at the very least, but I'm not sweating them about it. All I know is this game is in good hands with Insomniac.

Battlefield 3
I'm gonna take this moment to apologize in advance to alot of people. Battlefield 3 has good tech, the Frostbite engine looks sick, and DICE are great developers. They're experts with audio, and they always have a specific vision that drives each game they make. That's why I love Mirror's Edge as much as I do, because it's a well-designed game by a talented team of devs with a unique vision.

But I am so tired of these fucking military shooters, and Battlefield 3 is no different! Goddamn, what's so interesting about the U.S. Army? It seems everyone is making these fucking games now. Even the U.S. Army themselves have a military shooter! WHAT THE FUCK?!

The demo of BF3 they showed at the end of the conference didn't help that either. The whole demo is a long, boring tank drive across a flat, bland desert, with a few seconds of turret firing to break up the uneventful driving. I know they're going for a more realistic portrayal of war than Call of Duty's Michael Bay full-retard approach, and to their credit they succeed admirably. Battlefield 3 does look better than Call of Duty, but that doesn't mean much when you remember I fucking HATE Call of Duty. Battlefield 3 still looks boring to me, and I hope the military shooter craze dies off soon. VERY soon.

Even though I wasn't interested in all of the games discussed during EA's conference, I didn't hate this conference. They stuck to core games for the most part, and showed off some really good stuff. Also, having a Mass Effect game in your conference helps alot. So yeah, this conference was a:


Ok... I'll be honest, after two consecutive years of purely awful conferences, and my general lack of interest in pretty much all Ubisoft-owned IP's other than Assassin's Creed and Beyond Good & Evil, I didn't even watch this conference. I figured, if there was any gaming news from Ubisoft I wanted to know, I'd find out about it later. All I know is that there was no Beyond Good & Evil 2, so fuck them.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions of this writer are not subject to change, so don't even fucking try. Battlefield 3 is BORING!

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  1. I`m with you on the military shooter craze....with one exception: Rainbow Six.

    Sorry, but I love the r6 series :)


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