Monday, April 26, 2010

Got My Haircut.

I don't normally do these sorts of blogs, nor do I particularly care for them, but what the hell. My glorious, luxurious locks have been chopped. I have done this with mixed emotion (as always, as I have done this in the past). I feel regret and sadness, but also relief and a small sense of having improved myself in some incredibly small, shallow way.

I'm damn sure it'll be back though. I always do this. Even though my stupid hair refuses to co-operate, I refuse to let the dream die. I WANT LONG HAIR! Yet, everytime it gets to somewhere between chin and shoulder length, I end up cutting it, because it starts to look ridiculous.

Damn my stupid face and stupid, unco-operative hair!


  1. You can't drum and have a nice haircut. You either need the locks of be completely bald. By default you just lost some drumming ability.

    I am rocking the long hair right now myself. Unfortunately it seems to scream drug dealer more then rockstar. Then again that often a pretty then line anyways.

  2. Damn it, I can't afford to lose any :(

    "Then again that often a pretty then line anyways."

    Lol. Indeed.


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