Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Dream Video Game Console

If I were to design the ideal video game console.....

If I were to design the ideal video game would have the following features:

-The power of the latest PC's

-Fully featured multimedia capabilities

-Built in WiFi capabilities
-It would come with two controllers, wireless available but optional

-Motion controllers would be available at launch for those that want them, but all games that utilize them would have optional 'regular' controls. Motion controlled games would also not be a major focus, especially if they are just party games and such.

-The focus would be on 'hardcore' games, if we must call them that.

-The system would be online capable, of course, but if it didn't utilize dedicated servers it would be free

-The system would launch with the consumers' choice of a pack in game, free of charge.

-There would be no advertisements on the GUI or anywhere else, if the online service was paid

-There would be a 1TB HDD. Said HDD would be removable and interact with PC's for backups and such

-The console would be region free

-There would be an arcade service, and said arcade service would have reasonable prices, IN REAL DOLLARS. In fact, EVERYTHING would be in real dollars. No bullshit MS points, or Wii points or w/e they're called.

-There would be this console and this console only, so all gamers could play all games. The console design would be open license so other manufacturers could make their own with optional modifications. Think of the 3DO, or, DVD/blu ray players. You have the option to buy all sorts of players, but they all have a select number of standardized features and they ALL play THE SAME MOVIES/GAMES. These manufactures would of course be required to pay a licensing fee for the ability to do this. Either a one time fee or a percentage of every unit sold.

-Seriously, all games available to everybody. Better for gamers, and better for the developers and publishers. Why limit the market? All companies would have the maximum console user base available to them when it came to selling games.

-The console would be usable in both vertical and horizontal positions

-Games can be installed to the HDD; however, these are optional.

-The read speed of the disc drive would be at least 32X

-The media used would have high storage; blu ray seems the likeliest candidate at this point, although holographic discs would be superior, if available at release

-Every single game development company would have the same toolkits and SDK's available to them; no preferential treatment.

-The people behind the console (in my dream world this would be Son y, Nintendo and Microsoft banded together) would require that ALL games have a pre-release demo, not just the arcade titles.

-There would be independent titles available for purchase as well, similar to the xbox 360 and the Wii Ware titles. There would be development contests sponsored by the hardware companies, and every month an indy title would be promoted to full arcade title status. Once a year the users would vote on the best of the 12 promoted titles and that studio would receive a $50,000 grant from the console companies.

-The profits for the indy titles get split between the independent studio and the console companies: 90/10 split in favour of the development studio.

-The console would allow homebrew software to be run. These would be supported officially with contests and such, similar to that seen with the indy games.

-There would be a a handheld version of the system available that basically amounts to a portable version of the arcade and indy games, with online features intact. Game saves and such could be transferred between the two.

-There would be a built in control configuration/button mapping feature, so that even if the developers didn't do it, ALL games would have custom control configurations. All games should have this to begin with, but a workaround option would have to suffice, I suppose.

-Gamerscore/Trophies would result in real world benefits, but only at particular milestones. So, for example, every 10th game on which you get all trophies/1000 gamerscore points, you get a small prize. And then say for every 50,000 points you amass, you also get a small prize. At a big number, say 250,000, you get a free game.

-There would be restrictions on DLC. I haven't worked this out or anything, but there would be size, price, and release window guidelines. So, for example, day 1 releases of 100k of content (because it's already on disc) for $5 or $10 won't be allowed. Map packs that have 3 maps will NOT be allowed to be sold for $15. $15 is half the price (even more, depending) of a fully featured expansion pack on the PC (and one that releases several months to years after the release of a game). $15 for 3 multiplayer maps is a fucking scam. Maps should be priced at $1-3 each, if that. Why the hell are people charging (and others paying) almost a third of the price of a game for 5% of the content? That's absurd. Cry fascist all you want. NOT ALLOWED.

-Custom themes, background pics, gamer pics, etc are supported.

-This has nothing to do with the console, but in my fantasy, developers are making full priced, expansive, as awesome as possible 2D games. We get a several dozen hours long, amazing looking HD console Castlevania, as well as a brand new 2D Shinobi, a 2D Ninja Gaiden, a new console Contra, and lots of 2D beat em ups! Streets of Rage 4, anyone?

-All developers would be required to allow their save games to be backed up. No more “this save/game data cannot be copied or moved to another device.”

-If developers want to make AO rated games, they can feel free, as there will be an online digital purchasing service for games (a reasonably priced one, meaning LESS money than on disc, packaged versions) and there will be a section for AO rated games. No more limiting of artistic endeavours by backhanded means. NO MORE COVERT CENSORSHIP by the retail chains/governments!

-And that's all I can think of at the moment. I am sure more will occur to me later, I'll just add them in a comment or a follow up blog if they warrant one. If anyone has any additions or things they agree/disagree with, please let me know via a comment. Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm going to have to agree with you on pretty much everything here.

    I will add that the games should be playable on the PC as well, if someone's PC had capable hardware. The console (like other consoles) would run a particular OS, in which could be purchased separate from the console at a lower price (considering you aren't paying for the hardware). You would just need to partition a HDD for it. I feel that this would greatly increase possibilities and revenue, while allowing for a broader audience.

    I agree with your DLC guidelines. It protects the consumer, while making a clear message to retailers of what is considered appropriate pricing. I'm sick and tired of most DLC packs. So much that its really made me decide on not buying particular games because of it. I shouldn't have to pay for content that's already in game. I remember when companies used to create FREE "DLC" (they were considered updates or patches then) for their games (Well, PC, not consoles at the time), and only charged for actual expansion packs that were pretty much like buying a new game.

    Also, I love the idea of independent companies being able to create their own games easily. I also like the idea of people being able to mod games as they wish as long as it didn't interrupt or interfere with online play (in this case, security for online play should be top notch, as to always revert games to their original or intended play for fairness sake, unless otherwise stated by the game mechanics).

    I would also include options for open source software developers. Sometimes the community as a whole can create the most amazing programs, and constantly update it as a whole.

  2. Great ideas. I guess mediocre minds think alike :P


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