Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art By Keeks

Art By Keeks

My friend Kiana is a (starving) artist who is starting to sell some of her work to make a little bit of much needed coin. Here are pics of two of her paintings:

 Her eventual goal is to attain a career in tattooing, and selling her artwork is a step towards this long term goal (much of the money she makes will go towards the purchase of whatever tattoo equipment/tools/supplies she needs). The stuff she needs is expensive, and the steps she needs to take in addition to the purchase(s) required are numerous and will require a hefty investment on her part (mostly in terms of time, although fiscally as well) but she wants it really bad, and I believe she is going to be very successful at it. She has the inclination, the drive, the intelligence, the desire, and the talent, and I am anxious to see what she can do!

Now, as far as her art (and the sale of said work) goes, I don't know much about this stuff, but I do know that this girl is talented, and will only get better with time. I am really proud of the work I have seen so far, and I can only imagine what she could do with more time invested. 

Art, being a subjective medium, appears differently to various people, so you may not see in it what I do, or perhaps you will, but regardless, if any of it strikes your fancy, let me know and if there was any serious interest in buying a piece of her art, we could engage on that point.

If you like something you see from the first three (none of which are currently for sale), let me know and she could do a reproduction, or just a similar one, if you would like to purchase one. The last five can be bought, via the links provided, on Ebay. 

Three Examples of Her Work (Already Sold)

The Five Currently for sale on Ebay

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