Monday, January 14, 2013

The Next Chapter Of My Life Is Underway

Bon Giorno

How are you doing? Well I hope :) I myself am doing quite well. I mean, not specifically at the moment (lots of pain related to my Crohn's disease) but overall I am doing GREAT, and the recent events in my life which constitute this newfound contentment are the subject of this latest blog post. I might work some in towards the end of this but I cannot guarantee it, so if you're a regular reader hoping to read something that pertains to the main topics covered in this blog I want to warn you right now that this post may offer you nothing of note and as such you may want to simply turn back and return when I post the next update. So, that preamble/warning aside, what exactly has been happening in my life lately that has made me so happy?

Let's go through the list, shall we?

Bought A House

I just moved in to a new place a few days ago, and I am THRILLED to finally be here! I've been living in my brother's basement since June 2011 and while I had a pretty great time there for the most part (and I am eternally grateful to him for allowing me to stay there) I was really starting to get to the point where I NEEDED more space. And now, finally, here I am!!!! It's a one storey house with a finished basement that was made into a renter's apartment, a feature which really appealed to me since having a renter would allow me to cover a good chunk of my mortgage payment every month (extra handy if/when I have a particularly bad month in terms of health and am unable to work much).

In terms of size, it's 1013 sq. ft plus the basement apartment, so roughly $1850 sq. ft in total. It's not a new house (can't afford that by myself, at least not anytime soon, which is actually fine by me) and it's got some quirks (the garage is slightly obscured by the house so it's a bit weird to drive in and out of) and having (post living with parents) lived in a basement, a nearly new semi-detached house and a very big and brand spanking new new 'dream home' type marital dwelling (that cost over a hundred and ten thousand more than this house) I can honestly say that this is already my favourite, because it's MINE. No wife or fiancĂ©e  just me. All ME! I've needed this for a long time and I am extremely happy that it's finally happened.

Heh, speaking of the (ex) wife, she was over the other day for a few minutes and it was hilarious watching her struggle not to start rearranging things. I got a good laugh while teasing her about it. That nesting instinct is so strong in women (especially mothers) and while it is perfectly understandable and useful as far as instincts go, it was misplaced as (just as I reminded her in a teasing tone) THIS IS MY HOUSE BABY!!! I can and have put things exactly as I have wanted to, and it's awesome :P

Got My Dog(s)    

We had two dogs together, my ex and I, and since my brother's place is mandated dog free, I was without them for a year and a half :( Well, as of last night I got them back!!! Ahem....sort of. See, Maya is more my dog than my ex's, and Rocky was hers, so I only get to keep Maya :( However, she let me 'borrow' Rocky for a while, so I have both of them here and it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a pic of them from the old house (probably 2 years ago):

Rocky (camera left) and Maya :)

I am positively THRILLED to have them here. Seeing them only minutes at a time a couple of times per week for a year and a freaking half was torturous :( However, as the song says "But it's OOOVVVERRRRR NOOOWWWW!" 


Oh, and my brother? Well he and I have hung out every day since I moved out. I moved about a 1 minute drive away from him lmao. We're really close, so it is actually awesome!

And that is the update. Sorry, no video game, science, atheism, etc. related stuff today (I did warn you, so don't give me that look). 

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