Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Response To "Two Quick Questions For Christians"

In an earlier post I asked two questions aimed at Christians (although they could apply to people of any religion). I received a response from a Christian and I am posting said response here. I guess this speaks to the idea that smart people are less likely to be talked out of their religion when faced with questioning, contradictory evidence, etc as they can better justify their beliefs. Trying to weave through this web of logic and rationales would be an exhausting task. Not only that, but it really exemplifies just how difficult it would be to try and eradicate religious belief via debate, no matter how compelling the argument/evidence against. 

Question 1: Is there any non biblical, supporting evidence for what you believe ? If so, what is it? If no, and your beliefs are based solely upon what is contained in the bible, what then compels you to believe the book, especially as opposed to all of the other similar books upon which other religions are based, if, and I assume this is true, you believe that none of those other books are supported by extraneous evidence?

1) Pertaining to the non-biblical evidence for Satan and the fallen angels. Aside from my own personal experiences, we have the testimony of practicing occultists, the testimony of former spiritists, and the phenomenon of spirit possession and healing. Or to make things easier, you could just open up most any popular music video and look at all the symbolism, even straight up Satanic signs, or listen to the lyrics of popular songs, etc.... they all fit perfectly with the teachings and deceptions of the Deceiver.

2) All of the other books were demonically inspired. Religions all across the world share many of the same beliefs and knowledge. This is because they were inspired by fallen angels, aka Demons. It doesn't have to be specifically Satan himself, because Satan is just one being, and he is not omnipotent like God is. He cannot be in all places at once, so there is a network of fallen angels who have done these things all across the planet. For example, the human sacrifice religions in South and Central America, where they worshiped the Great Serpent (Satan), and they sacrificed humans to him. In the same way that false demonic religions in Europe, Africa, and Asia did. The Aztecs and Mayans built pyramids, to the exact dimensions/rules that the pyramid builders in Egypt did. The pyramids themselves are built based on superior mathematical and spiritual knowledge, as the construction itself holds many secrets in it's dimensions, that any old documentary can tell you about. How can it be, that civilizations across entire oceans, completely separated from each other, came to the same practices and knowledge? It is because the demonic forces have been at work since the dawn of man. They set up false religions unto themselves all over the world. While some people look for other "physical realm" reasons, like Ancient aliens or whatever, the truth is that the spirit world, the world that we cannot see, has been responsible.

The entire world believes in the spirit world, in one form or another. From Native Americans, to Ancient egyptians, to the Chinese, to Hindu, to Jews, Christians, to everyone. All throughout human history.

3) One glaring factor : only Christianity holds power. None of the other religions can claim miracles like Christianity can, to completely mystify and baffle scientists and doctors. None has had the influence that Christianity has. Yeshua Messiah is the most influential man in the history of planet earth, as is to be expected, as he was our Messiah, who was prophesied hundreds of years earlier to be the Light to the Gentiles (entire world), which is exactly what happened. In fact, Christianity seems to be the ONLY religion where Occultists, black magic practitioners, etc... seem to show outward contempt and hatred for. They truly despise the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

Question 2: Do you think you'd be a Christian if you were raised in say India, or would you be a follower of the Hindu religion? Does the fact that religiosity is so highly correlated with culture/geography ever occur to you and if so, does that not strike you as a fairly compelling counterargument to your claims of truth?

To use your example, India. Christianity is the fastest growing religion in all of India, at a rate of 4% a year and rising rapidly. The power of God is working there, and the message is spreading like a wildfire. The ancient Hindu texts hold no power over the Truth.

If I were raised in India, as a child, I would certainly have been a Hindu if my parents were. But, as you grow older, -IF- you truly care about knowing the truth, and taking religion seriously, like I did, then I would have seen the Hindu religion as a false religion, for it holds no power. I would have become a Christian, as my soul searched for the truth, God would have led me home. I say this with confidence, because I was born a Roman Catholic. I am now a non-denominational protestant. I searched. So it would not matter where I was born, I would have seen the Light and the Truth eventually. Now, people who don't care about their religion, they are certainly Hindu for life, or Christian for life, or Muslim for life, mere victims of their birth place. Those people are not relevant, for they don't care about the spirit. They are earthly minded. You can use those people in your example of "Religion is determined by where you are born"...... but you cannot use people like me, who will search for the Truth, no matter where we are born.

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