Saturday, June 21, 2014

Man becomes Woman and Talks About Privilege

This is a post I saw on reddit (unfortunately I did not record the link when I saved this into my drafts) and thought it worthy of sharing. 

"I'm a woman, who......

Brace yourselves......

Used to be a man. There. I said it. So I know exactly what it's like to be a man, and exactly what it's like to be a woman. With that out of the way:

1. Men do not earn more than women. The Wage Gap is a myth that really does follow the Nazi's philosophy that "if you say a lie loud enough, for long enough, people will start to believe it". All you have to do is look up information freely available from the US Department of Labour and Statistics. The numbers are right there. Women do not earn less than men.

1.1 As a woman, I'm now earning FAR more than I ever did as a man.

1.2 In some parts of the country, women earn some 120% of what men make. But we'll never hear about those.

2. Men do not have a better chance of winning political office. Women simply do not run for office as much or as often as men, because it requires work they are not willing to do. Again, this is information freely available.

As a man, I could only be a doctor. If I were a male nurse, I'd be laughed at. If I were a male nurse's aid, I'd be laughed at even harder. If I were an orderly, I'd be a loser who just pushes brooms because he couldn't make it as anything else.

As a woman, I can be a doctor, a nurse, a nurses aid, OR an orderly, and at no point along the way am I laughed at or put down. In fact, I'm applauded the whole way through. Even if I want to stay at home, I'm still applauded!! Because now I'm a little home maker!

So is it any wonder that men MUST push themselves relentlessly to make it as CEOs, while women simply do not have to. And we wonder why there are more men CEOs.

3. Promiscuous behavior, you say? Check this out.

As a man:

if I went into a sex shop, I was a pervert.
If I walked by a playground, I was a pedophile.
If I looked at a woman the wrong way, I was a rapist.
If I said the wrong thing at work, it was sexual harassment.
If I tried to hit on girls, I was a pathetic desperate loser.

As a woman:

if I go into a sex shop, I'm an independent woman exploring her sexuality.
If I walk by a playground, I must be there to pick up my child.
If I look at a man the wrong... pfff come on! I can look at a man any damn way I want! I can tell him to go to hell and he has to applaud me for it!
If I said the wrong thing at work, I'm forgiven. All I have to do is pout and look sorry.
If I try to hit on men, I get men. I can have any man I want. I can hit on women too and it's still perfectly fine, because being gay is gross but lesbians are HAWT!

4. Study after study after study show that men suffer JUST as much, if not more, from sexual assault. The only difference is - as a man, I could scream for my life, and no one would take me seriously. But as a woman, I can sleep with a guy, then if he doesn't call the next day I can say he raped me and that's that. No trial. No evidence. No proof. I can ruin his life and all I have to do is point the finger.

5. No risk in becoming a parent, eh? So the woman can't quit her job then order the man to pay child support? Do you just... NOT LIVE on planet earth?

6. All of these statistics about women "world wide" - working 900 times as much, earning only 0.0001% of the income, getting constantly assaulted - include places like Africa and the Middle East. Not sure if you know this, but in some places in Africa? School was canceled "due to lack of buildings". THATS how much destruction there is. A child starves to death every few seconds. 14 year olds carry around machine guns. How convenient for you to include these regions in your statistics, right along with 1st world countries, when it helps promote your agenda.

7. I've never been afraid to walk the streets at night. But then, I don't walk unarmed down dark alleys where I know gangs hang out at 2 in the morning on the wrong side of town carrying my purse and expect nothing bad to happen. I didn't do that as a man either - which is why I wasn't afraid to walk around at night as a man. It's called "not being stupid".


No. Men and women are not equals. Women have more power, more control, more opportunity, and more privilege than perhaps men ever will. I know. I was a man, and now I'm a woman. I cannot TELL you how f*ing easy life has become in comparison.

If I drop something, men offer to pick it up for me. I'll never need to move my own furniture - I can always find some guys who would love to come and do that for me. I don't even have to open doors by myself! It's like I'm ROYALTY!!! I don't have to pay for my own food on dates, if there's immediate danger and we have to get away or if we're stranded and there's not enough supplies it's always "women first", and best of all, I get to whine and complain about how UNFAIR things are - for me! Yes, me!

After all that... I need even more than I already have, and men have to give it to me, because it's not fair if they don't.

And people wonder why feminism gets bashed."

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