Friday, April 1, 2011

The Gaming Community Is an Embarrassment.

The Gaming Community Is an Embarrassment.

The gaming community, of which I self identify, is quite often an embarrassment to me. The fact that the word “troll” exists is one piece of evidence I have to support this. Another is the fact that several major gaming boards have had to ban versus (vs.) threads/topics.

Think about that for a second....

A user on a message board/forum of which the subject is video games and video game systems cannot post a topic about one game, or one console, being superior to another. In a community that is primarily made up of people between the ages of 15 and 35. What. The. Fuck. Is. That. Shit? People are so sensitive, so defensive, so emotive, so reactionary, so immature, so.....fucking retarded, that the playground monitors needed to outright ban topics like “Saint's Row is better than GTA...Agree or Disagree?” because for some reason, such a topic causes some people to go into a spasmodic, blind rage.


If someone posts a topic about how they think Uncharted sucks, people brand them a “troll.” ''Trolling'' shouldn't even fucking exist as a term when it comes to gaming. Are people seriously that attached to ''their'' games, that fucking sensitive, that they need moderation police to protect them from hearing that ''their'' game sucks?

The Majority of People on Gaming Forums
 Saying a game sucks should not result in getting in 'trouble.' It should result in....wait for it.......


I love Ninja Gaiden. You all know this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Guess what? My best friend dislikes it. He doesn't like the older 2D games, or the 3D games.

Crazy, I know. Clearly a disturbed individual, he is, but let us not digress from the issue at hand. On occasion, the fact that he dislikes the NG games will come up. Not often, but it has, and does, on an intermittent basis. What do you think happens when he says ''Ninja Gaiden sucks'' or ''Ninja Gaiden is overrated.'' (or too hard, the wimp ;) ) Do you think I:

a) laugh it off

b) ask him (as if I already didn't know) why he says that, and then attempt to engage him on those points

c) call him crazy and say he sucks, or his favourite game(s) suck, and then laugh

d) ignore him, usually by waving my hand and saying “bah!”

e) act as though he just insulted everyone I have ever loved, all at once, while raping my dogs

f) some combination of a,b,c or d.


So, take a guess. Here's a hint: Not e).

I mean, what do these fucking emotional cripples do in real life? If someone at work, or at school, or wherever (or their best friend, if they have one) says ''Gears of War sucks. All you do is duck and shoot, duck and shoot. It's like playing whack a mole'' what do they do? Scream troll and look around for an adult to rescue them?

It's a fucking opinion, you idiots! An OPINION. (An opinion ABOUT GAMES!!) It's not going to hurt you!!

I guess this is the behaviour we get from a generation of whiny, self entitled, spoiled brats who's parents go running to the dean when little Johnny's first college exam score is a B, when ''Little Johnny always got A's back in high school!!''

Ya, well, guess what? Little Johnny was fucking pampered in high school. This is the real world now, and your snivelling, overfed, overindulged little crybaby brat son is not worth A's. He's a fucking B student now, and if he wants that A, he's going to have to earn it. No amount of crying to mommy moderator will make that B disappear.

These are the morons who start petitions to get a reviewer fired from his/her position because he/she gave ''their'' game a score they did not like (even when they have not yet even played it....MORONS).

Do you know what I did when Eurogamer gave Ninja Gaiden II a 7/10? I didn't take to the message boards and call the reviewer an idiot, like most other people seemed to be doing it (even though none of them had even played it yet, save for the small demo). I read the fucking review so I could see what the problems with it the reviewer had, and then try and figure out if they'd be problems for me (7/10 is still a good score, btw, but it's a big step down from the 9.5's NGB had received). And guess what? Whether or not they were, THEY ARE STILL VALID TO HIM!.

The gaming community fucking embarrasses me. I often find myself ashamed to be a part of it. I once posted a topic on the gamefaqs Mass Effect 2 board (a short time after the game's launch) in which I stated that I was not enjoying ME2 as much as the first game, which I loved, due to some of the changes made to the RPG mechanics, changes to the action side, and the removal of the Mako. I stated that I still really liked it, but if ME1 was a 10/10, then ME2 was an 8.5/10 to me. Still very solid, but a step back. I said that I thought ME2 was being slightly overrated by the press.

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable, valid topic for discussion, does it not? Guess what replies I got?

Here are a few of the doozies (yes, I saved them) all found on the first page of that topic (which was then closed by a moderator for fuck's sake!!!):


Troll more.

Nice trolling, asshat.

Whatever, why are you playing it then? Why are you here? Go play Barbie Horse Adventure.

Eh, I think I actually like ME1 over ME2 as well, but creating an overrated topic on the ME2 board defies common sense. It's a flame war waiting to happen. Perhaps if you were on a more neutral board, but not this one.

Get a life TC... obviously you're just a butthurt prepubescent kid (holy fucking irony, Batman!)

Coming to a GameFAQs board dedicated to a single game and claiming 'it's overrated' is generally trolling.

Honestly, disconnect your ethernet cable. You don't deserve to be on the interwebs.


What a bunch of stupid, intellectually bankrupt, sad, worthless people. I posted an eloquent, well reasoned summation of my issues, still stating that the game was great, and that's what I received in the form of comments.

What more can I say?

Most of the gaming community needs to grow the fuck up.


  1. Most of the gaming community needs to grow the fuck up.

    never gonna happen. People that were bullying gamers ( aka the slow brain idiots ) few years ago are now the people playing call of duty

    Great blog

  2. You get the same with almost everything from book clubs to sports contests. It's rarer in book clubs yes, but considering the demographic video-games are currently marketing themselves to and populate the majority of XBL users one shouldn't expect too much.

  3. Both of you make a good point.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Stop your bitching!

    Nah, just kidding.

    This is the reason why I never really browse any gaming forums (well the gaming part of the forums). I honestly don't give a shit what most people say about the games, and I honestly don't give a rats ass to tell them my opinions.

    For a while I browsed the gamefaqs message boards. But typically my posts consisted of facts, rather than opinions. For example, I would argue what is best based on statistics within the game parameters rather than just because I liked something. In a Final Fantasy VI thread, I argued for the best possible character/equipment setup; I researched max hp levels of every monster in the game, incorporated the max damage limit (9999), etc.

  5. You're completely right, today everybody just troll instead playing games.


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