Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gaming Conventions That Need to Go! Pt. 2

1) Ammo pickups.........who's leaving all this ammo behind? Hell, Robocop for xbox (HORRIBLE GAME) had ammo pickups....yet his gun is the only one of its kind in existence!

2) Nonsensical Puzzles: Hey, I'm a diabolical bad guy, and I'm being chased by the hero......what to do, what to do.....OH, I KNOW!!!! I'll hide this key to the door in a magical box that can only be opened when you put this picture that's been broken into 9 pieces back together. That'll slow him down! Of course, I could just hide/destroy the key...

3) Character who dies if he goes in water. What is this, an M. Night Shyamalan movie?

4) Bosses with flashing weak think they'd get that checked out by a doctor, seeing as it's hazardous to their health and all....

And finally:

5) This pertains specifically to the 360 (not all 360 games, and mostly older ones now, but still):

Gamer: Save game please

Game: Where man? HDD or memory card?

Gamer: HDD. No mem. card here.

Game: K. No problem. *saves*

10 mins later....

Gamer: Save game please

Game: Where man? HDD or memory card?

Gamer: ..........HDD, remember?

Game: Oh ya, dur......sry dude, brain fart. *saves*

10 mins. later.....

Gamer: Save game please

Game: Where man? HDD or memory card?

Gamer: ....................... .............................I ALREADY FUCKING TOLD YOU TWICE!! HDD!!

Game: Oh......well, you don't have to yell.......btw, I'm going to ask you this every time.

Gamer: *sigh*

And that's it for Gaming Conventions that must DIE. Part 2. Stay tuned for more to come!

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  1. 1. Depends on how the game does it, really. If you get it off corpses, and the ammo is the correct kind.. that's one thing. But having unopened boxes of ammo just laying around randomly.. yeah.. wtf.

    2. Agreed. Puzzles, Yes. Nonsensical ones... no. Poor and lazy design. What you'd expect from an old DOS game for pre-schoolers.

    3. LOL at your reference. :) And agreed. I mean, unless your character is deathly afraid of water and just won't go into it as part of some twisted plot design... this is ridiculous. Also include NOT BEING ABLE TO JUMP.

    4. I like flashing weak points... >.>; Ok, its lazy and makes games easy. So it really depends on what game, what the target audience is, etc. But seriously I agree in general. Aren't boss fights supposed to be difficult, or tricky in some way? That's why they're "bosses".

    5. Not sure if that's a gaming "convention," just bad programming. Should be a setting for automatic saving to which one you choose.


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