Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PIC: Christian 'Love' For Atheists: Just What Jesus Would Say?

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  1. With all this cross talk, I'm guessing these were in reaction to that atheist group filing a lawsuit against that cross being placed at the WTC memorial, right?

    I've had mixed feelings about that myself, since it is a remnant of one of the original towers. For that reason alone, I can appreciate the sentimental value of its presence at the memorial as a sobering reminder of what happened. As an atheist, it doesn't matter to me if Christians find some religious significance in the unsurprising coincidence that a cross was preserved among the debris (so many right angles in all construction...let's face it, that was bound to happen). And if a supposed holy man wants to sprinkle some crap on it and claim he blessed it, so what? Makes no difference to me...

    On the other hand, since the cross is apparently considered a religious artifact now, it doesn't belong there because there is supposed to be a separation of church and state...contrary to what others seem to think.

    Anyway, I absolutely loved the blatant hypocrisy in that last one. And I also like that you didn't censor the names of these bigoted buffoons. :)


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