Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Video Game Memories Pt. 3: Fifth Generation (32/64 bit Era)


The Nintendo 64 is the only system I owned during the fifth gen, so my memories are limited to that (with one exception, because I did play some PS1 at friends' houses, and the PS1 did provide me with one of my best memories). The Nintendo 64 was released in North America on September 29, 1996, a day that I will always remember......

So, the memories:

Playing a 3D game for the first time. (Mario 64)

Holy shit, I can explore that?

First Game to Ever Scare Me (Resident Evil One) (PS1).

I didn't play this until the year after it had released, so it was not my first 3D game, but it was my first survival horror game, and provided me with many amazing moments, most notably, at the time, this:

I wasn't the only one who loved this moment

RE2 on that, haterz ;)

They gloated. They said the N64 could never have a RE game. They were WRONG.

From wikipedia:

The N64 version is notable due to the compression techniques that the developers were forced to use in order to fit two CD-ROMs worth of data onto a single 64MB cartridge. It also featured, for the time, a high resolution display of 640x480 compared to the PS1 version's 320x240. The game changes the resolution at each camera cut based on the number of enemies in the room.

Many enemies take more processing power, so the game chooses lower resolutions. When all the enemies are defeated, it runs again at 640x480. The N64 version also features surround sound, not found on the PS1 version, using the Mosys system from Factor 5.

No one thought it would or could happen, but it did. Possibly the most famous port of all time, and one great game.

Police station FTW.

My first Goldeneye multiplayer match.

Nothing more to say

Well, I will say this: PURE AWESOME. No group of guys who had access to an N64 and had even a modicum of testosterone in their systems went without playing Goldeneye, and most of those groups played LOTS of Goldeneye, and for good reason. My first ever multiplayer Goldeneye experience (also my first multiplayer FPS experience iirc) was an amazingly fun gaming moment, and one that may have been matched a time or three since (Rainbow Six 3, Halo) but likely never will again :(
The first No Mercy match where I played the ref

My brother and best friend were wrestling and I kept screwing with the match. It was so mindblowingly awesome at the time.

Respect ma authoritai!!!

All of Winback: Covert Operations (still a personal favourite).

If you haven't played this game, DO SO:

I still remember the first time I played this. I remember marveling at the ability to take cover and pop n shoot, and when I discovered that I could sneak around and roll to avoid fire, I felt like James f'n Bond.

Gauntlet Legends co-op.

The Warrior needs food, badly!

Like Freddy Krueger said, great graphics!....okay, maybe not, but great co-op and a decent recreation of the arcad eexperience (or at least I thought so at the time).

Playing 1080 Snowboarding and THPS2 with my brother every weekend for almost a year.

We were close then. We drifted apart, but are now again tight. At the time, THPS2 was the glue that binded us; Downhill Jam was the place and all day and night were the times!

And Finally.....

And lastly, one of, if not the craziest gaming related things I have ever done:

Playing a 24 hour Killer Instinct Gold tournament with friends and winning by a landslide.

Yes, 24 hours straight of Killer Instinct Gold. It was MADNESS (no sparta jokes!).

My Jago and Fulgore reigned supreme that day. I think we subsisted on cold pizza and macho bravado!

The End

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