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In the Hot Seat with magx: magx01

Note: This is 2 years old. I just found it and am posting it for nostalgic reasons. Some of this is going to now be inaccurate, seeing as how 2 years have passed, but much of it still holds. I am going to re-do this and then post it as a new blog entry so that the differences between then and now can be viewed. I think it will be interesting.

The few of you from GT who read this blog will recognize this. I had interviewed myself as part of my "in the hot seat with magx" Gametrailers interview series (of which there were like 20 or so iirc and it was quite popular on GT) and had not gotten around to posting it before I left GT, so I thought, what the hell, might as well put it up here, right?

.....*Ahem* ....Okay! Well, let's get started. In the hot seat today is








Serial Number


Whether you are susceptible to any diseases?

I am susceptible to anything any other human is susceptible to. I am particularly susceptible to certain pathogens, however, thanks to my compromised immune system. My immune system is compromised because of my bowel diseases (Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) as well as the immunosupressant drugs I have to be on.

In which country do you reside?


Are you in school? Working? Both? Neither?

Haven't been in school for years. I work as a Polysomnographic Technologist. I had always wanted to be a veterinarian, but I knew I could not do it, as I would not be able to function if someone brought in a hurt pet. I'd be too busy crying my eyes out to be an effective vet. Seriously, one of my dogs so much as stubs a paw and I'm in a near panic. I hate seeing them in pain.

What was/is your favourite educational subject?

It was psychology.

Okay, to gaming for a bit.


When did you 1st start gaming?

Late 1980's.

What was the 1st game you played?

Super Mario Bros. baby,

Do you ever still play that game?


Game you hate the most and why?

I dislike many games. Do I outright hate any? I dunno.

If the aforementioned game could feel pain, would you cause it grievous injuries?

N/A but for the fun of it, I would string Superman 64 up by its balls and make it recite Dante's Inferno while I blowtorched it to death.

What was your first console/PC?


Do you prefer console or PC gaming?

Console. Grew up with it. Love sitting on my couch, in front of my tv, controller in know how it is.

Do you have an all time favourite game? If so, quest ce se?

Ninja Gaiden Black, and if it's not yours, you're not playing with power.

What's your favourite genre?

Hack n Slash

Why do you play games?

Escapism, and they provide challenge and cognitive stimulation.

Do you think gaming is in a good place right now?

Sort of. I think that it's becoming too Hollywoodized in some ways (its suffering from sequelitis) and developers/publishers are more hesitant to take chances. I fear we are going to forever lose some genres, and gaming will get more and more homgenized, with less and less series' and companies in the fray. However, the tech is great, the money is there, and there are some great platforms for games beyond the traditional, which has sparked a resurgence in classic styled games, which is awesome.

Oh, ya, DLC.....we all know how that goes, so I'll spare you. (A couple of recent blogs have bitched about DLC, so check those out if you really want to read my complaining).

Where do you see gaming going in the next decade or so?

Besides the obvious technological advances, I see it getting more and more redunant and homogenzied. I hope I am wrong.

Do you think you'll ever stop gaming, or will you go until you're either unable or dead?

I'll go until I can no longer go.

If you could design the perfect game, what would it be?

Hack n slash MMORPG with the combat of a Ninja Gaiden. Or maybe just an RPG, not an MMORPG.

Another awesome thing for me would be a Street Fighter Action RPG.

If you could be a professional gamer, would you?

No, I think it would suck the fun out of it, and the games I play aren't really conducive to competitive play anyways.

Okay, a few questions that don't pertain to gaming.


Fave movie genre?

Fuck, hard one. Action and horror tied, I guess, although I have really gained an appreciation for dramas and documentaries the last few years.

Fave musical genre?

Death metal. Basically all I listen to.

Fave literary genre?

Horror, although I read anything from drama to nonfiction.

What other hobbies to you enjoy besides gaming?

Drumming, debate, writing, reading, learning.

What's the most fun you have ever had?

Probably the first time I ever rode a rollercoaster.

Has there ever been a time in which you feared for your life?

Yes, sliding/spinning out on the highway at high speed because I hit an unexpected snow patch. Scary as hell.

Have you ever done anything you'd qualify as heroic?

Managed to live with my shrew of a mother for over 20 years without killing her.

What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Crying in front of the whole class in elementary school (this happened many times). Most of my early school career was embarassing. I was the loser/nerd/geek kid all throughout elementary and I was considered one I'd say up until grade 11 when I finally started to come into my own and grew into a more extroverted person. I hung out with a group of friends that were.....less than ideal, from a parental point of view, but as much bad stuff as there was (and really, it was just normal teen stuff) I credit them with helping me grow out of my shell, so to speak.

What are you most proud of?

I guess the fact that I consider myself a good guy, and so do the people around me. I try to make life better for the people who have to share space with me. I am also proud of the fact that I have worked hard to formulate a worldview that is based upon reason rather than superstitious dogma.

What are you least proud of?

My laziness.

I'm about to punch you in the face, and you have to take it. Where do you want it?

The forehead.

If you had the choice of traveling either back, or forward in time, which would it be?


What time period or event would you like to visit and why?

I'd like to witness the exitinction event that claims humanity.....assuming of course there is one. If there's not, then I'd like to amend my previous answer to back, and I would like to travel to the time just preceding the onset of the big bang expansion, and see what the fuck there was before the singularity. Of course, if time didn't yet exist, then this isn't even possible....fuck....

What serious topic is something you think about or discuss somewhat often?

Religion. Also science (in a limited scope). To a lesser extent, politics. Social issues.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Religion ;) Or at least, irrationality. I'd like to see much more reason, application of critical thinking and the scientific method, and a loss of dogmatic thinking. I'd also like to see this new trend of antiscientific thinking to stop before it does even more damage (ditto for conspiratorial thinking).

Oh, in an unrelated sentiment, I'd like to see much less focus on monetary gain and celebrity bullshit and much more on making the world a better place as well as other more substantive issues. Oh, and more fried chicken (right, Syko?)!!!!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My laziness.

How do you think your friends or family would describe you?

Funny, intelligent, warm. Very logical and rational. Thinks things through, not very reactionary, although a bit overly emotive at times, although this is usually good for a laugh. A little crazy, cynical as fuck, jaded, a bit disenchanted and pessimistic, yet somehow happy and fun loving. A paradox. Huge non human animal lover. Especially teh doggiez. Lovehz teh doggiez. <3 doggiez. Fragile. Very self conscious and introverted, yet seemingly confident as hell and extroverted. Again, a paradox. A contradiction. Split personality. Major duality between the rebellious, selfish, immature 21 year old inside and the responsible, mature, settled 28 year old inside. Big fucking heart. Babyface. Needs a haircut, he looks like a bum! ;) Lovably aloof and useless with 'man' stuff. Pacifist.

How would someone who disliked or even hated you describe you?

Way too fucking cynical. Maybe too liberal. Far too jaded. A know it all. Thinks he's smarter than he is. Thinks he knows it all. Has no respect for the religious. Hellbound. Godless. Immoral. A pussy. Big mouth. Narcissistic. Always fucking late. Poor time management skills. Prone to depression, seriously, suck it up asshole. Needs a fucking haircut. Looks like a damn bum. His face and pathetic lack of facial and body hair makes him look like a little kid. Not much of a man. Cannot do shit with this hands, like building or repairing. Wimp.

10%, 15%, more, or no, tip?

Depenednent upon the service rendered, but I generally try and take care of the people that take care of me.

If you had to have one thing poured down your pants, what would it be?

Liquid Viagara or Cialis. If I'm going to have something poured down my pants, I might as well make use of it.

Favourite aspect of the gender you're attracted to?

Physical: Tits (small-medium)/Eyes (green or blue)/Hair (mmmmm redheads.....)/Piercings and tatoos(not a requirement but fucking HAWT)

Other: Intellect/sense of humour/Kindness

What role in a movie would you best see yourself in? Like say Rambo or Hannibal Lector.

The wiseass comedian who knows the answers all along, but withholds them to watch the so called protaganists fuck up. Fuck 'em. Stupid fucking protagonists. Too clean. Too happy. Too smarmy. Too censor friendly. Too good looking. Too harmless. Fuck 'em. Enjoy some trials and tribulations, assholes! (Note: This is mostly in jest, I'm really not that damn bitter lol)

Famous historical figure you would fight?

I'm not a fighter, but I guess it would be interesting to fight Muhammad Ali, so I could show the world how weak he really was (ya, right).

For a serious answer, I want to say Hitler but everyone will say Hitler. I also want to say Jesus, but, assuming he existed, he wasn't too bad. Just redundant, and unfortunately the cause of much.....distortion of things since. I guess I could say.......ah, I know. The asshole who decided that the atom bomb was a great application of nuclear fission. I know many people (especially Americans) want to say that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ultimately saved lives, but, correct or not (and it's debatable) those events were fucking abhorrent and I hope one is never dropped again. Not that firebombing or anything else is great either....has anyone seen pics of what Tokyo looked like during the US firebombings of Japan? Jesus H. Christ.

Look, I'm not some naive idealist (well, actually, perhpas I am) but honestly.....what the fuck? Is that shit necessary? I know, I know....but shit..... Really, if we look at the big picture, none of that should be happening, but, unfortunately, that's not the reality. Human history is rife with violence and war, and to think we can ever get past it is quite silly I suppose, but I do persist in such hopes, however faint. If we could just work together as a species.....I mean, I know how unlikely this is, given the various ideaologies and differences that abound.....frankly, that fucking saddens me.

Oh, a related (but probably weird to those about to read it) thought: Am I the only one, who, when thinking about, or seeing pics/video of, things like firebombings, thinks of the poor, innocent non human animals who are caught in the middle of it? I mean, the human tradgedy is horrendous, but I also think of say, all of the poor doggies who get burned alive, crushed, buried, blown up, or otherwise maimed during bombing attacks, and in all honesty, it brings me very close to tears. I mean, it's just so sad.

I know some people will say ''they're just dogs!'' but to me, that's nothing but a disgusting display of anthropocentrism. People think humans are more important, but that's because, well, we're human. Rather self centered, no? They're life, and they're sentient. They can feel pain, despair, fear, loss, etc. And they can suffer.

I think of all the people who were horribly burned, but left alive, during the nuclear attacks, and how horrible that must have been, either trapped under a collpased building, or left wandering the streets, all burned, in terrible agony, with skin hanging off (seriously, wtf do we do to eachother?) and it's nearly unbearable to think about. We all think of this when we think of those attacks. But I wonder if anyone else also thinks of the non human animals that suffered the same fate? They had nothing to do with our affairs, and in a flash, they go from normal life to either dead or a slow, extremely agonizing, lonely death, because of human action......that's fucked, and I truly would like to know if I am the only one who thinks of that?

It's the same with natural disasters. They always proivde a death toll, and I am always mortified and saddened, but I also, in the back of my mind, so to speak, wonder ''what about the other animals?'' I know how most people will feel about that, but it's not like I don't care about the humans. I just care about all life. And it all saddens the shit out of me. The poor dog trapped in the rubble, limbs broken, in terrible pain, confused, suffering, scared, not knowing what happened, most likely left to die as the rescuers are too busy looking for human survivors......ya,it breaks my heart. I'm choking up as I type this, and am now turning my thoughts away from that. It hurts too much.

Famous historical figure you would most want to meet?

Charles motherfuckin Darwin, baby. Or Rosa Parks. MLK. Malcolm X. Thomas Jeffferson. Spartacus. The list goes on and on. Darwin would be a great choice though.

Famous historical figure you would love to have sexual relations with?

Marilyn Monroe. What? Did you expect me to say Twiggy? Runner up would be either Farrah Fawcett or Amelia Earhart (don't ask).

Any parting words?

Try to spend some time focused on important things. Don't be 100% consumed by pointless bullshit. Save some of that time for things of a more substantial and relevant nature. Educate yourself. Try to better yourself and the world around you. Also, and this is not mine, be the change you wish to see in the world. Unless of course you're a terrorist or something. Then don't take that last bit of advice :P

Oh. And for you religious types, if you follow what you believe to be a peaceful, loving religion, live as though that were true. Don't hate on or discriminate against gay people, atheists (or gay atheists....haha), people of a different religion, etc, and don't put up with a priest, preacher, pastor, imam, monk, family member or anyone else pushing those types of ideas. Call them out on it. Challenge them. Don't provide cover for them because you share their religion. Make it difficult and uncomfortable for them to hold (and especially promote) such views. Don't give them a free pass because you're of the same religious belief.

The same way I don't tolerate bigotry from my atheistic brethren, you should do the same. When people like Pat Robertson say the disgusting shit they do, the voices of contention seem to be largely atheistic. Ditto for the sex abuse scandals, and all sorts of other things. Let's change that. Stand up and say NO to these people.  When they say the horrible things they do about gays, speak out against them!

Gay people are people just like you and I. The only difference is whom they are attracted to. That's it. Does that sound like something worthy of hate? No. Wanting to stop them from marrying someone they love is cruel and wrong. Don't be a part of that. Atheists? We're people too. Don't buy into the rhetoric that's out there, and if you're in church or synagogue, mosque or school, and you hear the religious leader talking nonsense about us, say something. Don't let hate filled ignorance exist uncontested. We're not immoral as a people. We're not ''evil.'' We're just like you. The only difference is belief, and really, you should understand that too.

Take your position on the gods you do not believe in. Kt see, oss rol da and that how we feel about your particular god(s). Does that sound evil to you? The reason they spread such nonsense about us should be quite obvious: we're seen as a threat. They figure if you guys mingle with atheists, you are at risk of losing your religion, and they can't have members leaving in large numbers. Think about it.

Also, about religion in general, I won't get into a long diatribe here, but allow me to say one thing: religions always get to people when they are very, very young, and they almost always villify/demonize the nonbelievers.......doesn't it seem as though they are working very hard to ensure people buy into the ideas they're espousing? Think about it. If you want people to join your group and share your beliefs, and this belief is generally predicated on something as potentially tenuous as faith,doesn't starting really young and demonizing nonbelievers make sense, in a manipulative sort of way? How many people would be religious if they were first exposed to the religion at say 20, as opposed to 4? That's all I'll say for on that for now.

Most of all, try to have fun! Enjoy life when you can, and don't forget, as much as a cliche as it may be, the little things are often the best in life. Don't neglect them (and those people around you).

[magx's note]-Alright, that's it for today. Thanks for tuning in!


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