Monday, May 13, 2013

Boston Wins Game Seven 5-4. Leafs Out of Playoffs

The Boston Bruins have defeated the Toronto maple Leafs 5-4, winning the game in an overtime that they forced by rallying back from an incredible 3 goal lead held against them by a now surely dumbstruck Toronto club. The Leafs sailed into the third period up 4-1, and the leafs nation was abuzz. They were going to do it.

And then Boston scored. 4-2. We're still okay.

Then they scored again. 4-3. Uh oh.

Then the next one. 4-4. *Silence* Leafs nation is stunned. Overtime ensues, and bam, Boston scores and just like that the Leafs' playoff dreams are squashed for at least one more year.

As for Boston, they now awaits the finale of the Capitals-rangers series to see who they face next in their quest to win the Stanley Cup.

Maybe next year, Toronto.



  1. Are the Canadian teams' home games constantly sold out? My immediate family are huge Sharks fans, and that arena gets very full, but I'm not able to gauge the popularity of the rest of the American teams because I don't watch hockey.

  2. I don't know about the other teams, but Toronto could be 0-79 and still sell out game 80


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