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Monday, May 13, 2013

Boston Wins Game Seven 5-4. Leafs Out of Playoffs

The Boston Bruins have defeated the Toronto maple Leafs 5-4, winning the game in an overtime that they forced by rallying back from an incredible 3 goal lead held against them by a now surely dumbstruck Toronto club. The Leafs sailed into the third period up 4-1, and the leafs nation was abuzz. They were going to do it.

And then Boston scored. 4-2. We're still okay.

Then they scored again. 4-3. Uh oh.

Then the next one. 4-4. *Silence* Leafs nation is stunned. Overtime ensues, and bam, Boston scores and just like that the Leafs' playoff dreams are squashed for at least one more year.

As for Boston, they now awaits the finale of the Capitals-rangers series to see who they face next in their quest to win the Stanley Cup.

Maybe next year, Toronto.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Ninja Gaiden Series Retrospective

Final Fantasy. Sonic the Hedgehog. Super Mario. Half-Life. Metal Gear. Halo. Resident Evil. Kirby. Call of Duty. Dragon Quest. Diablo. Gran Turismo. Ask a gamer what video game series is their favourite, and you'll often hear them name one of the above, along with a multitude of other diverse answers. One series that, for reasons I cannot understand, seems to get overlooked, even though many of the entries in the series are among the best of the genre on their respective platforms. The series to which I am referring is none other than Ninja Gaiden.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

If You Google 'Google' Will You Break The Internet? (PICS)

Ah, the internet. It has given us so much, for so little. The power of the internet is not even possible to fathom. It borders on omnipotency. However, the internet, the Series of tubes that we have all come to not only love, but depend on, probably for the remainder of human history (till death do us part) could potentially have a HUGE, MONSTROUS, MAJOR FLAW that could easily lead to its demise if discovered by the general public, whom, at best is both curious and clumsy, and at worst, insidious and malevolent.

The potential flaw?