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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Story Opener

Remember this:?

Well, I have a second short story starter for anyone who may be looking for ideas to springboard into a story. This is the beginning to a story I wrote recently, and it was brought on by a single line: "If it was my world...." I give to you not just that line, but the beginning of the tale, in the hopes that I can help someone get out of a slump/writer's block. Good luck to anyone that uses this, and if you do, post the results in the comment section if you wish!

The intro:

Saturday, August 7, 2010

If You Google 'Google' Will You Break The Internet? (PICS)

Ah, the internet. It has given us so much, for so little. The power of the internet is not even possible to fathom. It borders on omnipotency. However, the internet, the Series of tubes that we have all come to not only love, but depend on, probably for the remainder of human history (till death do us part) could potentially have a HUGE, MONSTROUS, MAJOR FLAW that could easily lead to its demise if discovered by the general public, whom, at best is both curious and clumsy, and at worst, insidious and malevolent.

The potential flaw?