Friday, June 21, 2013

My Dog Maya

Meet my dog Maya:
min pin

min pin

Yes, I know; she's adorable. And yes, she's crossing her paws in the second pic. Why is she crossing her paws, you ask? I don't know. Why is she wearing a sock on her head in the following pic?

min pin
Sock it to me, baby
She does both of these things for reasons that are likely to be forever unknown to me and I wouldn't have it any either way. I may very well have the world's most enigmatic dog. 

Okay, you say. She is enigmatic. And admittedly very cute (although she looks a little you know......if dogs rode in schoolbuses as pups she would have rode in the short one, nomsayin'?). What else is she

What else else she? Well, let me show you:

min pin

Welcome to Mayaland
In addition to being adorable (which you now yourself have seen) Maya is, as I said, very enigmatic. The parts that make up this enigmatic whole are funny, endearing, and on occasion, a little naughty.


Male dogs stand with one leg held in the air when they pee while female dogs squat to do their business. Everyone knows this. Well, everyone but Maya. She does squat to pee, but only sometimes. Other times she will lift one leg and the pee will just sort of dribble downwards while she awkwardly stands there. If neither of these methods suits her fancy on any given day, she will sometimes do a combination of the two where she squats while lifting one leg. And, just because this wasn't already strange and funny enough, she has a fourth method: She does a handstand of sorts with her back legs up against a tree while her front ones are balancing her on the ground. 

Another funny thing she does is when she wants to get me up in the morning she will stick her head under my neck and try to lift my head up. Of course, being the weakling that she is she fails every time :-)


Everything she does.

*next subheading*

Okay, okay. I won't take that route. I'll list one that's endearing yet neither funny nor naughty. The way she will sometimes share my pillow with me when we are lying down watching tv or in bed (yes, she sleeps in my bed) (and no, we don't have sex. she's celibate, much to my chagrin).


Maya actually does very little in the way of things that I would describe as 'naughty.' She's a really good dog, I have to say. The other min pin I used to own, Rocky (I say used to not because he died but because he now lives with my ex), was much, much worse. In fact, it might not be unfair to say that he was (and from what she and my daughter tell me, still is) a bad dog. He will steal basically anything that gets dropped on the floor. And once he gets a hold of that object it's really difficult to convince him to drop it. Often times he will destroy whatever it was while you sit there trying to get him to stop (he gets pretty viscous at these times so it is not as easy to stop him as you may think). Maya on the other hand will steal something only when she s extremely bored and doesn't put up much of a fight when you attempt to retrieve the object in question.

Rocky almost never listens when you call him to come in from outside. Maya does nearly every single time. Rocky still steal food from you any chance he gets. Maya will quite sit right next to the food and although she clearly wants to, she will not grab it. Save for a few select rare occasions in which she either works up the courage or is unable to resist. And if caught, she will display remorse, unlike Rocky who looks at you with an expression that basically says "do something about it, then."

Of course, Maya isn't perfect. In addition to the couple of rare things she does that were mentioned above, one thing that she does that is exclusive to her (when compared to Rocky, not dogs in general) is that in the winter, this little sweetie:

min pin

min pin

has a tendency to eat her own uh......leavings. Ew. Luckily, this behaviour seems to be manifesting itself less as she gets older. Hopefully it won't happen at all this coming winter, and each one thereafter. It's so disgusting. 

And now, to end this post, one more pic of my little Maya:

min pin
Ya, I'm in black and white. I'm classy like that.


  1. AAwwwwww lol

    Dogs are awesome.

  2. It's GaymerGrrl, back from the dead!

    I have a min pin mix myself (some rat terrier or jack russell...she has a moustache) named Stella. The stool eating, we stopped with some tablets from the pet store; makes it bitter. Chewing is still a problem, but we keep plenty of toys so she doesn't destroy AS MUCH of our stuff; clothes are still the majority of her victims.

  3. How old is she? Maya used to chew but that lessened as she got older and now is a total non issue. Her chewing was really bad; she chewed holes in furniture and carpeting, and this was when my ex and I lived in a brand new house. Not the best thing to come home to lol. I'm pretty sure it was symptomatic of her high anxiety levels, which are now much better.

    Min pins aren't for everyone, that's for sure!

  4. She's a little over a year old. We got her from the county humane society (coincidentally, her original name was Maya too). So I think most of her chewing comes from separation anxiety. She was only 6 months old when we adopted her. She had the same problem with furniture and carpet chewing, as well as absolutely destroying all the toys we got her. It's gotten a little better since we started leaving blankets out for her to nest in, and we bought her some extremely tough toys. She loves Nylabone brand chewy bones because they're hard plastic. We went to Tractor Supply Company (I don't know if they have those in Canada), and got her a plush chew made out of what looks like heavy denim. She ignores everything else to chew on this denim cow. I don't remember the brand, and I can't find a link anywhere to a picture. :(


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