Monday, July 1, 2013

Dentist's Business Booming After Alleged Sex Abuse

Dentist's Business Booming After Alleged Sex Abuse

New York (Associated Press)

The dentist, Bedros Yavru-Sakuk, 62, of Edgewater, N.J, who was charged with the sex abuse of a 19 year old woman has been enjoying a rather unintended consequence of this recent turn of events: Business is booming. I ask him about this over the phone.

"Yes, it is true," he answers, speaking breathlessly into an office phone, his already strained voice being rendered even more indecipherable by the unmistakable sounds of an office teeming with activity emanating from what would presumably have been behind him. "I have been busier than ever since well, since that article was released." The article to which he is referring of course being the one detailing the alleged sex abuse. When I press him for details about it, he declines the offer to comment and instead says that anything he will have to say on the matter will be said in court. Any other questions I may have, he says, are to be directed at his lawyer.

Knowing better than to try again, I return to the earlier topic of his recent business success. I had spoken to some people from the area before my phone conversation with Mr. Yavru-Sakuk and almost everyone I spoke to who knew him had nothing but positive things to say. And so I ask him if he believes this increase in business to be a means of public support; a rallying cry of sorts, issued in his favour. He hesitates and then drops a bombshell on me: The increase in business has been exclusively female.

Stunned, I take a moment to process this information. A dentist accused of sexually abusing a nineteen year old woman not only sees an increase in business in the days following his arrest (well, his bail, more accurately), a fact that already contradicts what so called 'common sense' would have told you to believe would have happened, the increase in business is exclusively female patients? This seems to me to be impossible but when I travel to his office the next day I am confronted with a remarkable and shocking truth: It's true. The sex abuse allegations have driven women to his office in droves. The only remaining question is why?

Mr. Yavru-Sakuk's coy response when I asked him this was simply "women work in mysterious ways."

I suppose if by mysterious he means so horny and/or desperate that they pay for the services of a dentist recently accused of sexually abusing a female patient in the hopes that said services include a vaginal flossing or a game of hide the toothbrush then yes, they certainly are mysterious creatures.

Mr. Yavru-Sakuk is currently awaiting his day in court for his fate to be decided but until then he will continue to enjoy the heightened financial success due to a booming business for as long as it lasts. And, in his own words, "A satisfied patient is a repeat patient." One wonders if Mr. Yavru-Sakuk had a twinkle in his eye when he said that.

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