Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beginning of a New Short Story I Am Currently Writing

The following is the beginning of a short story I am writing. I'm not entirely sure how this one will turn out but if it goes well I might end up with a pretty neat one (I have an ending in mind, but the path to it is murky and may not be traversable). If I do end up with a decent completed tale I might post it here, if anyone is interested. The tentative title is "Something To Think About." Here is the first little bit:

            The question hung in the air between them, weightier than it might seem to those without the benefit of context. Seconds passed and again there came no response. Tyler was interviewing for his life and he was failing miserably.
“Okay then, time’s up.” The thing with a mask made of human features stepped forward.
“Wait!” The imminence of Tyler’s demise finally broke his stunned silence.
The human-thing paused. “Yes?” No emotion. A slight upwards inflection to denote the asking of a question (clearly the human-thing had studied up on its prey’s conversational habits) but there was nary a hint of feeling behind it. They may as well have been discussing what to have for lunch.
“I have a daughter.”
            “Lots of your kind have daughters. Lots of daughters lose their fathers. They survive. Yours will too. Anything else?”

The coldness of those words wrapped itself around Tyler’s heart; icy fingers dug into it, sending a chill through his entire body. Disbelief and an overwhelming feeling of injustice jockeyed, along with the cold, for position within his body and his mind. 

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  1. Ok, so I just re-read this and ya, some editing is in order. That is if I even finish this first draft- I've written exactly....nothing.....since this was written.


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