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Friday, October 7, 2011

Nostalgia: 80's and 90's Fads

Remember these 80's/90's fads? Oh, the nostalgia!

Beanie Babies

Hackey Sacks/Footbags

Helicopter Hats and Denim Shorts on Guys

Jolt Cola


Parachute Pants (remember the sound these made when you walked?)


Rolled Up Jeans

Pogo Disc Ball....Things


Pop Rocks (remember the myth about exploding stomachs?)

Pump Up Sneakers

The Jheri Curl!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Gaming History Pt. 1

Welcome to part one of a new several part long blog series on The Thoughtful Gamers. This blog series is going to be a look back through time as I, magx01, recall my 20+ year long gaming “career,” if you will. I'll take you through the ups and downs, the trials, tribulations and the triumphs. The sleepless nights, the gorging on pizza, the tournaments, the competition, the fights. The friends made over gaming, and the friends lost ov-no wait, I can honestly say that I have never lost a friend because of gaming. That would be rather pathetic, would it not?