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Monday, January 28, 2013

Three Features That Every Game Should Have But Don't

Feature One: Fully Customizable Controls

How many times have you played a game and found yourself wishing that a button on the controller did something other than what it was assigned by the developers? Ya, we all have. And that's when you check the control options to see what default control schemes they have available to use. Many times, there's one that is exactly what you were hoping for. Many other times, however, there is not. And in my experience, the  latter scenario happens as many times as does the former, if not more. So I pose a question: Why no custom controls? I'd say 5% of the games released allow the user to map the controls as they see fit (this percentage is definitely higher for PC games than it is for console games but I am talking about console games here) and all I can think is why? In what way does it harm anyone to allow the user to map the controls exactly as they would have them? If you ask me, it's nothing but positive outcomes ahead if they just start implementing this change.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Japan’s government, threatened with more haarp attacks, pays 60 trillion yen to feds. HAARP Causes Earthquakes? Oh, Really?!

Japan’s government, threatened with more haarp attacks, pays 60 trillion yen to feds.

HAARP Causes Earthquakes?

Oh, Really? 

Benjamin Fulford, a 'journalist' and huge proponent of conspiracy theories (Illuminati, bankers, world domination, starvation and mass killings, HAARP, 9/11, etc) has stated that the Japanese government has paid 60 trillion yen (around 680 Billion Cdn.) (lol!) to the American Federal reserve Board 'crime syndicate' (lol!) in response to threats that if they did not pay, they would be again attacked.

Yes, attacked, because the Japanese natural disaster...was actually, according to him (and others) coordinated and perpetrated by HAARP. Yes, the Japanese natural disaster of 2011 was, according to Mr. Fulford, a terrorist attack! Here's the link:

(Yes, that's a wordpress blog, and yes, that ad at the top by the author, Mr. Fulford, does say that you can 'Defeat AIDS and cancer in 90 Days.' Kind of sets this blog up nicely, doesn't it?)

Now, before we get into this, let’s have a look at some of the other claims this gentleman has made.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Video Game Addiction: Is it Real?

In this article I aim to take a modestly comprehensive look at the notion of video game addiction, and try to get to the bottom of the hype. Is video game addiction real, or not? Is it fact, or fiction? Truth, or Lie? Is it a reality facing gamers today, or a total myth? Is it a symptom of some other problem (perhaps an impulse control disorder), a condemnation of 'too much time' spent on a hobby unbecoming of an older teenager or even adult (as judged by a non gamer, usually issued forth through the cavernous maw that is a generation gap), a cultural phenomenon, perhaps the manifestation of an attempted escape from too much educational pressure put on the youth, or something else?
And if it is indeed real, are the video games an outlet for an addicted personality, or are they a causal factor? Does that distinction even matter? And, lastly, if it is indeed real, if there are people out there who seem to be addicted to video games, what does the research say regarding incidence rates, severity, and treatment outcomes? Is the media reporting this fairly, not taking it seriously enough, or blowing it way out of proportion?

These questions and more are going to be addressed as I tackle the issue of video game addiction. Is it fact or fiction?