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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada? FUCK THAT!!!! Happy July 4th? Fuck that As Well. It's BULLSHIT

So, everyone is celebrating Canada Day (and now, it's July 4th, so people south of us are taking their turn). My thoughts?


Sorry, just not patriotic. I have no nationalistic feel good sentiments to speak of. I much prefer to identify as human and think of us all as living othe same planet than think of us divided up into these arbitrary countries and then pledge my allegiance to the one I happened, by accident of birth, to be well, born into.

National birthdays are bullshit. I can't wait until tomorrow when all the flags are gone, the firecrackers stop banging up and down my damn street, and no one gives a shit again....

Cynical, I know..... 

July 4th Addition to the blog: