Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada? FUCK THAT!!!! Happy July 4th? Fuck that As Well. It's BULLSHIT

So, everyone is celebrating Canada Day (and now, it's July 4th, so people south of us are taking their turn). My thoughts?


Sorry, just not patriotic. I have no nationalistic feel good sentiments to speak of. I much prefer to identify as human and think of us all as living othe same planet than think of us divided up into these arbitrary countries and then pledge my allegiance to the one I happened, by accident of birth, to be well, born into.

National birthdays are bullshit. I can't wait until tomorrow when all the flags are gone, the firecrackers stop banging up and down my damn street, and no one gives a shit again....

Cynical, I know..... 

July 4th Addition to the blog:

I really don't give a shit.

I'll say this one last time, so you know I am serious: Fuck Canada Day. Fuck July 4th. I don't care.

And neither should you.


I meant what I said in that regard- that wasn't posturing or exaggeration for effect. Sure, living in North America affords one some unique, or at least, distinctive, advatntages. And it's by no means, in terms of comparison to nations around the world, a bad place to live, probably by any objective standards (HRQOL, GDP, "happiness," taxation rate, savings, etc). My point is, however, that to me, it doesn't fucking matter.                                                           

Why the FUCK  are we overfed, over privledged, overstuffed, overstimulated, narcicisstic, spoiled, bubble dwelling Westerners proud of something we had NO FUCKING CONTROL OVER?

You should be proud of accomplishments, not of which side of an invisible, arbitrary line your mom's vagina was when it plopped you out!!

And beyond that, as I was driving at, why are we Westerners celebrating how 'great' we have it, when so many of our human (and non human, as well) brethren have is so fucking shitty?  

What, not only do we have more than so many people around the world, people who don't even have enough upon which they can subsist, let alone thrive, and even commit gluttony, but we need to celebrate this fact?

It's akin to the rich kids in the neighbourhood throwing an exclusive party celebratng how fucking rich they are while all the poor kids around them gather around and stare in, gawking at the excesses but unable to get their hands on even a fraction of what's there, even if they are going to die without and the rich kids are just going to throw it away. Shame. Shame on North America.


(And for the record, fuck Thanksgiving as well).


  1. Yeah, I also find 4th of July to be quite useless. I don't mind that they're celebrating the independence of their country but that's not what it's about now a days. They are only doing it for national pride and think they're better than everyone else because they're from the U.S. Fourth of July is really annoying right now because there are teenagers setting off fireworks and I keep on thinking someone is getting shot or something.

  2. Obligatory George Carlin segment. :D Only the first half of that is applicable (and in fact more or less the same sentiment you shared here), but I'm sure you'd enjoy the rest of it. :)

    I don't give a fuck about the Fourth of July either, partly for that same reason. I also don't think our history is to be celebrated though. "All men are created equal," yet slavery persisted for another 90 years, and we're still living with the repercussions of that to this day.

    IIRC, Carlin referred to it as the "red, white, and blue bull shit" (or something like that) in another segment of his (probably from that same HBO Special, It's Bad For Ya).

    South Park also had a great episode on this several years ago (Season 7, Episode 4, "I'm a Little Bit Country"). Cartman has a flashback sequence in which he travels back to 1776 and witnesses the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and towards the end, the Founding Fathers say something to the effect of "...a country founded on saying one thing and doing another. And we'll call that country, America."

    Add to that the whole "world police" mentality of recent years, and more often than not, I'm actually ashamed to be an American. I can't really blame the rest of the world for hating us...

  3. Benton: That's the impression that I get. Also, lol. The hospitals were inundated with firework accident victims, I am sure.

    Seph: Already seen that a few times, but always up for another viewing. I've seen all of his later work. Loved it all.

    I have not seen that particular South Park episode. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. It's amazing how everything I say is easily met with a Carlin clip :)

  4. I concur for the most part. It really goes to show how decadent the West has become. There was a thread on 'Politics and Debate' which stated that over 1/4 of Americans were unaware of which country they gained their independence from in the Uprising.

    The bourgeoisie have created an infrastructural paradise in the West at the expense of the majority of the human population on Earth. India and China, the two most populous countries in the world, do most of the labour and create most of the West's consumer goods.

    It's a shame really. What we've become, further exacerbated by an ignorant, spoilt, narcissistic Anglo-American youth. Visit continental Europe (Italy, France, Germany, etc) and the youth there are pretty good, visit the UK or America, and they're a bunch of fucking cunts.

  5. Thanks for the great comment, and it's great to hear from Americans like you three. If only the rest of your country was as reasonable, thoughtful, truthful, rational, and fair.

    Btw, who from gametralers, are you?

  6. Oh, nevermind, it's you, Vestaso :)

  7. Yep it's me. Decided to gradually move onto blogspot.


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