Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ray Comfort: Atheists Evolved From Chickens

Well, apparently it's Ray Comfort week here on The Thoughtful Gamers :)

Back in Januray of 2008, Ray Comfort ruminated over the idea that perhaps atheists evolved from chickens.

(I just came to find out about this idea of his yesterday, courtesy of the Non Prophets radio show (I'm working through the podcast archive, and I am in the 2008 season). )

Anyways, back to atheists evolving from chickens. According to Monsier Comfort (my scathing opinion of whom you can read about Here (hint, inept and vacuous are in title) and to a lesser extent, here), we are poisonous and afraid of Muslims:
My new theory is that perhaps atheists evolved from the chicken, because they not only have chicken characteristics--a head, eyes, mouth, skin, neck, heart, earlobes and legs (homology structures), but they also have the chicken’s tendencies--they are chicken livered. They hang around Christians like annoying little bugs hang around light, trying to inject their poison whenever they can. If you are an atheist, I hope I’m ruffling your feathers. I want to get under your skin and ask why you don’t have the courage to even whisper to Muslims what you keep shouting at Christians. Prove me wrong. Get onto a Muslim website and tell them that you don’t believe their god exists.
Now, apparently this jackass, in addition to making a tremendous generalization (seriously, no preface, qualifier, preamble, just atheists) also apparently pays no attention to those to whom he professes to, well, pay attention. A prime example is Richard Dawkins, who Comfort 'rebutted' several times, yet he must have skipped ever part of The God Delusion in which Richard clearly states that he thinks Allah does not exist and Islam is a barbaric religion.

Then you have the heavy atheistic presence on youtube, with tons of videos directed at Islam. Blogs, forum posts, debates with Muslim imams and clerics, etc.

Nevermind all that though. As I said to his idiocy in the comment section at his crappy blog,
The biggest reason you see so much more opposition to Christianity than any other religion should be painfully obvious: Somewhere around 80% of your countries' citizens are Christian!!!

You see so much more criticism levied at your religion because your religion is incredibly ubiquitous in the country in which you reside.....a fact you must have been well aware of when you took refuge there after being laughed out of New Zealand (and rightfully so!). I guess NZ has a lot more critical thinkers than does America. Your "Have you ever lied?" rhetoric didn't cut the mustard there, did it?

Fucking Idiot.


  1. Didn't Richard Dawkins go to the middle-east and begin questioning an extremist Moslem about their faith?

  2. Yes, he certainly did, and Ray Cumford knows it, that disingenuous fuck.

  3. He makes it sound like Islam is a completely different religion.

  4. It is you idiot

  5. Okay guys relax......we all know there is a God.....there has to be.......

  6. There is? There does?

    Demonstrate that empirically and submit it to a prestigious journal already!!

  7. Listen to the anonymous guy, he brought forth the most compelling evidence I've ever seen in my life. we all know there is a God.... there has to be.

    Holy fucking shit, I'm converting to Christianity right now.

    And what I think BentonTarantela (I love Courage the Cowardly Dog btw) meant was that, in the grand scheme of things, Islam is not really different from Christianity or Judaism or any other major monotheistic religion, that it's just another in a long line of religions, regardless of how many people try to single it out as the ONE bad religion nowadays... you anonymous idiot.

  8. By the way, do both anonymous comments belong to the same asshole?

  9. I think he meant that Islam is not fundamnetally different in that Allah and Yahweh are the same bearded dude.

  10. Oh, and yes, the time stamps are 1 min apart, so ya, it definitely is the same moron.


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