Monday, July 19, 2010

Writing a New Short Story. Any Animators out there? Help Possibly Needed!

I just started to write a short story, and although I am only on page 2, I see potential in this thing to go a lot farther than one short story. I am thinking that a series of stories might be in order, and they might even be worthy of being turned into animated shorts for the internet. If anyone reading this happens to do computer animation, please leave me a comment, as I do not have any knowledge in this area, and so to make this idea come to fruition, I will require some help.

I don't want to give the premise away, but the general idea is that I am taking God (with a capital g, breaking my own non capitalization of the word god rule) and placing him in humourous situations. I am, for the first time, taking a real stab at comedy, which both terrifies and excites me. This has the potential to be some funny shit.....or it might fail miserably and never see the light of day beyond my hard drive.

I'm going to finish this story, and then if it tests well (ie, with the wife, myself, and a friend or two) I will attempt to take the steps that would lead into making this a series. At that point, I will seriously look into this animated short(s) idea. So, if there's anyone reading this who knows how to do animation, and is up for what I hope to be some humorous blasphemy, please, let me know.

I'll be updating my few readers on this situation as it progresses. If I can locate an animator, great.


  1. I wish I knew how to do computer animation. I look forward to reading these stories. On my Blogger page I saw a post on your blog on proving your God's existence. It's gone now...where did it go?

  2. It's still here, only it's in Draft form. It was incomplete and was published by accident, which is why it's no longer available, but it will be soon.


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