Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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  1. I wish there was one where Allah commands for open mindedness towards other theologies and ideas. I love the commandment about not fucking with animals. I think I already told you that I freaking hate people who abuse animals and it's really hard for me to forgive them.

    I completely agree with you on stuff changing. Things that always change are morals and ethics. People always pin against Muhammad that he was a pedophile for marrying and doing it with one of his wives who was at the time around the age of thirteen. Such practices were common back then and weren't considered to be morally wrong.

  2. " Such practices were common back then and weren't considered to be morally wrong."

    Ya, that's not an argument I use myself, because you're right, in context, there was nothing wrong there, although, we all agree now that it was, in fact, that- they just had not yet come to that realization.

  3. I wish orangised religions were more malleable and would alter themselves more regularly. Not to co-exist with modernisation but to better suit people in a rapidly changing world. Sikhism states that if an issue cannot be solved using the Holy scriptures, then the community comes together and decides what is best to do. Why can't the church have something similar?

  4. Wow, never knew that about Sikhism. That's some small improvement, at least.


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