Monday, July 12, 2010

List of People to KILL



Every god in existence (oh, wait.....)

Every fat moron in a 'Fat Moron with a Hot Wife Who's Always Right' sitcom. Tx for the damage to men!

Everyone involved with the Twilight 'saga'

The assholes that ruined Interview with a Vampire (including Mr couch jumper and brad 'too many kids' pitt)

That new singing 'sensation' kid. Dunno his name, he's like 15. Canadian kid.

The jerks who own the adaptation rights to the Dark Tower series. They're ruining it already!

Sarah Palin and anyone who thinks she's worthy of public office.

The morons in Alberta who want to see Alberta become Texas Jr.

Everyone at Fox News.

Dalton 'Big Business' McGuinty.

George W (W is for War Crimes) Bush.

Tomonobu Itagaki for crushing my fanboy dreams.

The fellow who coined the phrase "Dead as a Doorail."

The fellow who coined the phrase "Coined the Phrase."

The entire gametrailers community.

Jerry Falwell (Yes, I am aware that he is already dead. Bring him back and I'll kill him again).

Ken Ham.

Kent Hovind.

Dante, for being the reason I had to play all of DMC4 in reverse, inlcuding all of the bosses, 3 fucking times!

Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor, for all of the damn grunting.

Jesus Christ (See the entry for Jerry Falwell before you mention that he's dead).

The person who invented Crocs.

The Apostle Paul.

Rick Astley. Sorry, it was funny for a day, but now you must be eliminated so no one can laugh anymore.

Ben Bernake.

Every single woman who is even remotely attractive who has not slept with me.

The asshole who gave Spartacus cancer.

Any and all astrologers and 'psychics.'

Anyone who supports the idea of gay marriage being illegal yet waxes poetic about being in a "free" country.

Anyone who supports the Draconian drug laws yet waxes poetic about being in a "free" country.

The person who thought up the concept of/invented the zoo.

The person who invented social conservatism.

The person who invented inventing things.

Wayne Gretzky for that high stick in '93.

Every single professional athlete.

Jenny Mccarthy.

Oprah Winfrey.

The asshole behind "The Secret."

Everyone who runs or is in a high position at a multi-level marketing (aka Pyramid scam) company.


The people behind 'Coast 2 Coast Am.'

The people who listen to 'Coast 2 Coast Am.'

The asshole behind




All rappers, except those who comprise the group 'Bone Thugs n Harmony'

Every single country artist currently living and any who ever lived and ever will live.

Some random person, who I will use as a scapegoat, because I must blame someone for my car tire leaks.

Dick Fucking Cheney.

Colin Powell.

The asshole who gave Christopher Hitchens cancer.

Death. (Guess hat would be suicide).

Creative people who attain their goals.

The members of both Glass Tiger and Whitesnake.

Alex Jones.

The very first christian apologist.

Hell, all christian apologists.

Hell, all religious apologists.

Mit Romney.

....More to be added in time.


  1. know what, despite me being on this list, I agree with it.

  2. " know what, despite me being on this list, I agree with it"

    ahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. Thanks for that! lol

  3. Phew, I'm glad on I'm only mentioned once on that list (Unless I become the scapegoat for the car leaks)
    I think...

  4. When you say the ENTIRE GT community ... how entire? That's a pretty good list. And I'd spare the attractive women that haven't slept with me so far. I would kill off all the non attractive ones, though.

  5. There's so much I want to say on this. I don't know where to start.

  6. What do you mean? Pick a place and let me have it!!!

  7. fuck you for trying to kill me

  8. I wouldn't actually kill you, OW.

    I would probably pet you, though, given the chance.


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