Friday, July 2, 2010


As revealed Here and HERE, two friends (SykoShadow, an online friend, who is a great, borderline insane, sharp and hilarious guy; an unintentional badass who Jumps out of second story wndows and Claudio, my very best friend in 'real ife'; a rogue badass who's profession is so dangerous they made a web series about it and who is in my top 3 greatest people of all time list), both recently joined the blog as authors, taking The Thoughtful Gamer and transforming it into its older brother, The Thoughtful Gamers, which, as signified by the sexy and dignified brand new pluralization, can get into clubs without presenting ID, can drink at least  a glass of wine and a half without worrying about its figure, and now has a confirmed IQ of 67, which is a whopping (especially at this elite end of the spectrum....Mensa will be knocking on the door any day now, baby!!!) 23 points higher than the stellar IQ of 44 it held up until this point.

As they say, two heads are better than one, and three, well three's company!! (and also buffs your blog with the rune of intellect, which adds +23 IQ points and +7 chance to have an internal power struggle.

Along with the addition of authors (don't worry, I guarantee you're still stuck with yours truly for 99.73% of the blog posts here), there have been a few new aesthetic changes implemented.

These include:
  • The widening of the main clumn (where the posts reside) by 200 pixels
  • An increase in the default text size
  • A slick new banner at the top of the blog, courtesy of Claudio (which I still have to work on centering)
  • A switch from 1 post on the main page to 7, with jump breaks to limit the length of the main page
  • Some small changes to the colour scheme
  • The relocation of the ad which appeared under the main page post to the top of the first main page post
And that's it, at least for now. All of the changes implemented thus far have been done to increase the ease of reading the blog. I found the old setup a bit more taxing on the eye and the brain, and so the text was increased in size, I added some more colors, and the text area was made signifiacntly wider (which was a pain in the ass of an undertaking, as was widening the entire blog space and deleting the constrictive borders for the blog space....this custom template is an HTML nightmare for reasons I won't get into now, suffice it to say that this was NOT meant to be a 3 column template, and it doesn't "know" that I have forced it to be one). The only thing left to do is center the banner, which, with this template, like everything, is not as easy a task as one would expect. No sir, no ma'am, no way, no how, nuh uh!

Oh, before we get to the poll, a quick note on the jump breaks/read more thing: I will be doing that to limit the length of the main page, as 7 lengthy ass blogs posts (or even 4-5) all showing on one page can take time to load for those of you whom may be connection impaired, and also, it can just look like a shitstorm of information, and baby, there's only so much of me you peons can take! (JUST KIDDING PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME I SWEAR I LOVE YOU I NEED YOU I WILL CARESS YOU JUST STAY AND BE MY TONKA TRUCK BE MY TONKA TURCK BABY).

Thank you for staying. Come here, let me hold you.

*caresses you*

*whispers sweet nothings in your ear while doing so*

Okay, now that we've made up/out, I just want to say that will make the occasional exception for both short posts and also select few lengthier ones. This one will be one of them.


Now, ze poll. And please, vote, and then leave a comment if you need to elaborate on your vote at all. Please, I really want feedback on this one, as the look and functionality of the blog is not important just as a way to appease me, but it's there to serve you, my reader, so let me know if I am servicing you (ahem) to your liking......

Oh, behave!!!

Digging the New Aesthetic?

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