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Brilliantly Stupid And/Or Ironic Forum Quotes Part Deux

It's sequel time, baby! This is a sequel to This Blog which was entitled Brilliantly Stupid And/Or Ironic Forum Quotes. So, let's gear up, and take on some more Brilliantly Stupid And/Or Ironic Forum Quotes sent my way by people trying to insult/own/'pwn'/denigrate/disparage or otherwise hurt me for whatever reason. *Whew!!* Try saying that 5 times fast.

Let us begin! aka Fight!!

And it's not possible for earth's creatures to survive a global flood. BUT WAIT! God saved some of them!

And you don't think he can save a select few plants because....?

This is a story of a GLOBAL FLOOD. God has to be involved in it somehow.

If God took care of 8 people and some animals, what makes you think he didn't take care of the aquatic life and plants?
In response to "Neither the Bible nor science back you up on that.":
And you're the only one claiming that God forgot about the plants, which neither the bible, nor science backs you up on that.

(ya, because the atheist claiming that plants would not survive a global flood, something most elementary/grade school aged kids would know, is implying that god forgot to save the plants....the ignorance contained within that one statement is so abundant, multilayered, and baffling, that it hurts)

anyways, moving on.....

Well, I'm sure God found a way to do it. Nothing is impossible for him.

The same idiot, in response to this: "Does the bible have any explanation about what happened to the land plants during the global flood?":

No, but it does say that a dove plucked off an olive leaf from a tree, and later on, it never came back, but found a place to roost, so an olive tree was there.

And now, I bring you, quite possibly, the stupidest fucking comment I have ever had the displeasure of encountering in a debate. This comment surprised me, even though, upon reflection, it really shouldn't have as this particular person, who i have extensive experience with, has NO redeemable features.
He's willfully ignorant, yet conceited and crass. He has ZERO understanding of the scientific method, yet often criticizes it (in a ridiculously nonsensical way). He bashes the theory of evolution via natural selection, ad his "arguments" are so terrible and senseless that it would be laughable if it wans;t so fucking sad. Almost everything he says in a debate is a non sequitor steeped in ignorance, arrogance, remarkable illogic, and conceit.
Yet, amazingly (or perhaps not so amazingly), if he gets pulled into a debate with someone from another religion with whom he happens to disagree (basically every theist that is not a Jehovah's Witness) he suddenly starts to make sense, or at least approaches a place of almost making sense. It's quite fascinating to witness (no pun intended) this change, and then to watch him immediately regress backwards upon his religious beliefs coming under fire.
And one specific thing to note is how his standards of evidence are remarkably low (fuck, absent, really) when it comes to his religion, and of course this is accompanied by credulity, yet, conversely, as soon as the discussion turns to the claims made by a non Jehovah's Witness (especially if they are a non Christian) he's suddenly incredulous and has standards of evidence that oddly enough start to sound like those of the atheists, scientists and skeptics (and yes, I am aware of the large overlap in these groups, but they are still 3 distinct entities) he rallies against......
Anyways, I fucking hate this guy so much. I used to pity him, and feel angered on his behalf, as his mind has been taken captive, but the hatred won me over when it became apparent that he was incredibly smug, condescending, and all of the other things I said above. Now....fuck him. I fuckin HATE him. Here's his incredibly stupid, dumbass comment:
In order to prove that the flood didn't happen he must first prove that God doesn't exist. Oh wait he can't lol, the scientific method doesn't prove anything so it doesn't count.

Allow me to allow you a moment to let that sink in. Got it? Here, let's be sure:  
In order to prove that the flood didn't happen he must first prove that God doesn't exist. Oh wait he can't lol, the scientific method doesn't prove anything so it doesn't count.
How does one even approach a debate with such a person? What a fucking IDIOT. And what's amazing to me is that in 2010, this sort of logic actually passes for acceptable within some pretty broad circles in America, and even here in Canada, although to a much lesser extent. Large groups of people; adult, fully grown people, hold these views, and they are so stupid and so ignorant that it's impossible for someone like me to actually try and help them, because their capacity for assessing evidence and argumentation is childlike.

I mean, that whole statement is sad and pathetic, but look at the second half: The scientific method doesn't prove anything so it doesn't count.

Again, how can you even begin to try and debate such a person? Believe me, I've tried. A lot of us have. We've tried a baziollion different angles and approaches, all to no avail.

Oh, and by the way, he believes that there's a worldwide, scientific conspiracy to negate Christianity. This is what his fucking stupid religious leaders, peers and parents have taught him since god knows what age. And so, this one time innocent child was robbed of a full education, and consequently, possible career choices, and this loss was predicated upon lies perpetuated to protect a bronze aged myth from being exposed to the light of day.

And people want to claim that childhood religious indoctrination is not child abuse? My ass it's not. I know how that sounds on the face of it, and yes, it's quite a jarring first. But then you read shit like this and you can't help but come to understand why we keep hammering this point home.

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