Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome Claudio to the Thoughtful Gamers!!!!!!!!!!

Following the announcement of SykoShadow's arrival, I am proud to announce the addition of my best friend Claudio to the Thoughtful Gamer's team!! I don't know if he'll ever post, but if he does, well look out because anyone who reads what he has to say will immediately grow a third nut (or a first if they are female), put on 10% additional muscle mass, have their voice deepen, and lose their religion (if they have one).

He is also in the process of building his first ever blog, which you can find HERE It's still under construction, but his already has a nicer aesthetic than mine :( Damn computer guys.....*grumbles*

If I sound overly excited.......I AM!!!!

Btw, Syko (you crazy fuck) and Claudio (you need a nickname, you sound too....nice) I have an idea for a group blog post that we can do. Little effort on your ends, don't worry :) Something small and relatively easy, but I think it will be fun. In the next few days, I'll do my part of it, and you'll see it saved as a draft. That will be your cue to add your own (bit by bit or all at once, no biggie) and then we can decide if we want to combine them into one or post them as three seperate ones. Basically, we'll all be ansering a few questions, getting 3 takes on some classic theistic queries directed at atheists.


  1. Haha! Oh magx01, you're so hilarious! I have my third nut, just like everybody else! What do you mean that's not normal?


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