Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ray Comfort Week Continues!! Comfort PWND?

I am not sure if pointing out simple logical deductions to a retard (sorry) is considered pwning as much as it is beating up on a hapless retard (sorry again), but this hapless retard (sorry, really) is manipulating people into believing lies, making them feel guilty for being human, and making big money off of doing so, so fuck it, it's a pwning.

So, on to what I will, perhaps tentatively (you decide!) call Ray Comfort being PWND.

Ray Comfort's favourite proselytization schtick is to ask people if they have ever committed specific 'sins.'

So, he'll accost you on the street and ask you questions like:

Have you ever lied?
Have you stolen?
Have you hated someone?
Have you prostituted?
Have you ever dishonored your parents?
Most people will of course say yes to one or more of the questions. Those who get cute and say no of course are disbelieved, and rightfully so, in the retard's (sorry!) defense. Anyways, once he gets you in the spot he wants you (saying yes) he'll then say something like:

So you're a liar then! A deciever! A person who has commited adultery in his heart! etc You are a sinner, and you must repent of your sins lest ye' land in the fires of hell, yaaargh! (read with a pirate accent). We are all born sinners, but Jesus Christ came and died for us to have a chance at salvation! Give me money!

So, if saying yes leads to the conclusion that you are a 'sinner,' the opposite must hold true as well. If by his logic, a yes to those means you're a "sinner," then logic dictates that a no means you're the opposite of that:

Have you ever told the truth? Have you ever given? Have you loved someone? Have you not prostituted? Have you honored your parents?
I'd love to have him try his routine on me. Ray, have you ever told the truth?

Then you're honest!

*Ray looks confused*

So much for 'sin.' Sounds more like human experience to me.


 I'd then add the following:
Btw, I feel sad for you. Your religion has taught you to think that you are born bad and have blood on your infant hands because of your horrible nature. I cannot even begin to express how unfair that is.

This is why the only sin is belief in your religion. It teaches you to be ashamed of your very nature and to equate lying with murder, since all sins are sins in the eyes of god and all carry the same punishment.  

Btw, lying can be positive, parents don't deserve to be honored if they do not honor their children, hate can be justifed (Hitler, anyone?), and prostitution is not inherently wrong. If you think it is, explain how.
I have previously written about the immoral nature of the xian belief system, and I will continue to do so in the future. I know saying "Christianity is Immoral" shocks people, disgusts people, and angers people, but too fuckin bad!

As the old adage goes, "The truth hurts."
If you're brainwashed to the point where you think it's okay to tell your children that they are dirty little sinners and have the responsibility of some 2000 year old dead guy's murder on their hands (not to mention filling their heads with the idea of hell) then you need to fucking hear this shit and spare me the outrage. You have been misled, you have been lied to. You have been had, and you SHOULD be mad. Mad as hell! Just not at me. At your parents and priests.
Btw, if you determine this to be either a weaksauce pwning, or not a pwning at all, let me know, but be aware that, before you lose faith in me, I have previously PWND The Shit Out of Him on the topic of evolution. So if this wasn't incisive enough, derisive enough, conclusive enough, or logically unsound, despair not, for I have already pwnd his ass hard enough for a lifetime. Which buffers me from criticism on any screw ups in future pwnage attempts directed at this retar-(almost sorry), er, ah....asshole. Ya, sshole works, and there are no PC concerns associated with it (at least not yet).

And for those who have not seen the previous entries into what has turned into Ray Comfort week here on The Thoughtful Gamers, they can be found HERE and also HERE.

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  1. I'm actually going to write a blog similar to the exploitation of a theistic belief by comparing consumerism to theism.

    But he's just a wanker. If I lived in the US and he tried pulling that shit on me I'd try and be as awkward as possible. If there's a film crew nearby or some police officers I'd start crying my eyes out and going "I'm going to Hell! I'm a dirty sinner! I don't deserve my life! He told me!"


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