Monday, August 2, 2010

Fuck Ray Comfort. No Seriously, Fuck Him.

Ray Comfort Week continues, but this time there's nothing but insults. I'm mad as hell atm, and I'm venting. I've been watching some Ray Comfort videos and reading some stuff and I'm fucking ready to blow.


Destroyer of Intellects. Raper of Minds. Murderer of Children's Potential to be Scientists.

Lying, Smarmy, Disingenuous Piece of Shit.

Absolute Moron, and proud of it. Asshole who who has been corrected time and time again to no avail.

Exploitative, Manipulative, Opportunistic, Guilt Dealing, Family Destroying, Anti-Science Asshat.

Seriosuly, you're one of the people I hate the most in this world, at least currently, and I wish I could strangle the fucking life out of you, bring you back to life (I wouldn't wait 3 days, trust me asshole) beat you to death, bring you back again, then throw you down a razor slide into a pool of iodine and let you bleed to death in unimaginable agony.

Ah, then again, I'm not your god. That's his territory. Me, I'd try and talk some goddamn sense into you.

But he's more just. He rewards assholes like you with the ability to grovel at his feet for eternity. Yay!!!!!! I just try to enlighten people. I'm the immoral, unjust one. I am the dirty, unkind, unloving, nihilistic atheist.



  1. I think most religious apologists have the tendencies to be proven wrong and then ignore the facts like they never existed. When they don't have the answers they just ignore the questions.

  2. Your second Ray Comfort hate blog in my blog updates in a very short time-span.. It's conspicuous that your atheistic religion has led to your dogmatic and provocative attitude towards the righteous and truthful who are merely trying to help you.

    Or in reality.. Ray Comfort is a dirty scheming cunt.

  3. Fuck you, you stupid liberal atheistic moron.

  4. Hey, forgot to add gay. That's always a favourite among your simple minded brethren.


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