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Ask an Atheist Project: Lenano

In this blog, you, the reader, get the chance the read several varying atheistic takes on common questions asked of us godless heathens by god fearing folk. We are going to all be answering the same 13 questions, and then we are each supposed to choose a random 14th question to respond to. In addition to this, you are also going to be able to read the take of a (reasonable, intelligent, atheist friendly) theist (Vestsao) answering from the perspective of an atheist. Sort of a "walk a mile in his shoes" sort of thing.

1) What is an atheist?/What do atheists believe?/Don't atheists worship Satan?/Can you prove that god does not exist?

An atheist is someone who rejects the existence of a god or other deities that are worshipped in any religion.

They believe in rational thought and scientific thinking.

They do not worship Satan. As far as I know, no, they don't have any proof that there is no god, but I could be wrong.

2) Aren't there some things that science can't explain? Also, how can you trust science since it's always changing?

Sure there are things that science can't explain. So what? There will always be things in life that can't be explained through rational or scientific reasoning.

Science is changing in order to improve itself. For example, at one time, it was universally believed that the earth was flat. However, because of changes in science and technology, we now know that the earth is not flat. When science changes, humans gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

3) What evidence would convince you that god exists? 

There is no evidence that could convince me. That makes me stubborn, but it's just that simple.

4) Why is there something rather than nothing?

I don't know anything about Cosmology or about the universe. But I've heard some theories that there literally was nothing before the universe was created, and there was all of this scientific theory given to support that. I've also heard that some people believe in a sort of pre-universe that the universe was expanded from.

5) Where do atheists think the universe came from?

I'm sure different people have different thoughts about this, and I'm sure there are many possible explanations that are available. But the only theory I'm aware of of how the universe came to be is the Big Bang Theory.

6) If you met god, what would you say to him?

I would ask him to grant me several wishes. That would be awesome.

7) Everyone believes in god, why don't atheists believe too? 

I can't speak for all atheists, but I'm sure most don't believe in god because they prefer the pursuit of scientific and rational thought and explanations for life. Besides, they wouldn't be called atheists if they did believe in god, wouldn't they?

8) Where do morals come from, if not from god? 

Morals come from our own upbringing. People learn morals from family, friends, movies, personal heroes, books, figures in the media, and their community in general.

9) What's the point of living if you don't believe in god? 

Whether or not life has a point to it is up to each individual to decide. All I know is, the drive that I will do something satisfying with my life is the main reason I want to stay alive.

10) If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys alive today? 

We did not evolve from modern day monkeys. Both man and monkeys share a common ancestor that gave rise to differing species, such as homo sapiens.

11) Don't you atheists wish there was a heaven? 

Sure, I wish there was a utopian dreamland where I can frolick amongst the clouds without worry with the other happy souls. But then again, I wish for a big orgy with many hot actresses, my own sushi bar with a personal sushi chef, and many other things. But what good will wishing do other than fulfill my deepest fantasies?

12) Why blog, debate on forums, make videos, etc? 

Well I personally don't debate about the topic of religion on blogs, forums, or videos. And I probably never will. But other people do it because they're passionate about their beliefs. They want their message to be heard, and want to argue against something that they believe is wrong.

13) Pascal's Wager basically states that even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, whereas living as an atheist can possibly cost you everything but you gain nothing. Essentially, why don't you just believe, what do you have to lose?

I would imagine that God would want his followers' faith to be genuine. Don't you think he would see through my facade if I actually did choose to ''believe'' since I would still have doubt and disbelief on the inside? But anyways, as for Pascal's Wager, I do have something to lose. I would lose my personal freedom, my personal morals, motives, and belief. I would have to become a very different person from who I currently am, and that would be a big loss for me. Living my life based on a set list of religious requirements would be very restrictive for me.

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  1. "But I've heard some theories that there literally was nothing before the universe was created"

    Impossible. From where would matter have been derived if but from something? You cannot get matter from the absence of all matter.

    " Living my life based on a set list of religious requirements would be very restrictive for me."

    Hell ya! Kiss that orgy goodbye!

    ....then again, you would no longer be required to pay that chef, since you could now own slaves.....

    Thanks for the contribution, man!


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