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Monday, April 26, 2010

Americans for Prosperity is a front for corporate interests

Cenk from The Young Turks has, on several occasions as of late, commented on the fact that, while the American Tea Party movement prides itself on being fierce independents against corporate greed, baillouts, government corruption, etc, they have really been doing nothing but fighting for things that conflict with their own interests, and have actually aligned themselves with corporate interests. And this has happened without them knowing it, as they have been manipulated by those with certain interests.

Along these lines of thought comes a short article from the Baltimore Sun, which states that one of the main forces behind the movement is the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, is really a front group for corporate interests, and is largely funded by the Koch group, through on of their front groups, the Koch family foundations. These corporate interests are leading the movement by directing them to certain causes, organizing rallies, offering transportation, etc. Cenk has challenged the movement to join in on upcoming protests on Wall Street (April 29th) and has been pointing out the fact that there is no such rally planned, even though the movement was supposedly started due to outrage over the financial bailouts, which were a consequence of the damage done by the Wall Street financial people, whose actions went largely unregulated (due in part to lobbyist activities......activities of course funded by Wall Street).

The American government is complicit in this, of course, but so is Wall Street. And yet, the people against greed, overspending, corruption, and the bailouts (not to mention having their hard earned money go to those who fucked with it in the first place) are silent when it comes to Wall Street? Interesting, no? It appears that the people leading the charge don't want them anywhere near Wall Street.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin: 100K for Q/A, Still Needs Crib Notes

So Sarah Palin uses crib notes for a Q&A session, during which she was asked general queestions about concepts and things she supports. She is unable to even recall her own stances on policy?

Here's the question for which she needed to consult her hand:

What are the top three priorities once there's a conservative president and congress?



Can someone please, please, help me out here. Explain to me how someone so incredibly useless can get paid 100K for a speaking engagement, and possibly run for president, after all of the stupid, stupid things she has said?  And even now after this, people will continue to take her seriously.

What must one do to lose credibility anymore? It used to be that people had integrity, and were qualified for the positions they were running for (and even if they didn't, and weren't, they knew how to hide it).

Now......ya, I don't understand it. You can be a war criminal and still get paid huge money for speaking engagements, rather than be placed in jail like you should be (Bush), you can be a complete and utter dolt, still get paid for speaking engagements, get hired to work for a news channel (if you can call it that) and possibly run for US presidencey (Palin).

What the **** is going on down there?

How did we get this far? We have free speech on trial in Amsterdam, we have this woman who:

1) Doesn't know her own policies

2) Still fails prescreened questions

3) Tried to ban books

4) Thinks foreign policy consists of proximity and visibility

etc etc etc

And somehow, rather than be made a laughing stock, she:

1) Has a million plus selling book

2) Gets paid 100 thousand dollars to speak to disenfranchised people about greed

3) Was a presidential running mate

4) May be running for US presidency in 2 years

etc etc etc.

It hurts. It honestly hurts. I'm only 28, and I can honestly say I sometimes feel like I might as well give up, it's over. This is one of those times.

Am I the only one who gets nostalgic for time periods in which he did not even live? I see images and video of the early 20th century, and I wish I was there....but, yes, I am aware of the rose tinted glasses thing. I know the folly of the ''sinking ship'' view of the current generation.

It's just so hard sometimes......

Friday, January 22, 2010

Interviews with Sarah Palin Supporters (Yes, she has some)

Now obviously they edited this for maximum effect, so I am sure that there were some less incriminating comments from people that were edited out............well, then again, we are talking about people who are purchasing Sarah Palin's book, and want her to run for US perhaps not after all. I mean, come on, if you honestly think this woman should be running a country, you probably couldn't put togther a coherent and non facepalm inducing sentence if your life depended on it.

Anyways, here's the video: