Sunday, February 20, 2011

Debating Religion with Theists: Pointless? (Short Post)


Arguing with theists about religion is pointless. It never goes anywhere, and accomplishes nothing. 'Tis futile and a big waste of time!


I hate this sort of defeatist attitude, and I see it alll the time on forums and blogs and such.
The person making this claim is forgetting a few things:

1) The observers (especially the fence sitting ones).

2) Those who disagree as a reactionary sort of thing, but in whom a seed is planted via these discussions. These people will take further action down the road, either through introspection or research (or both).

3) If this claim is correct, no one would ever convert or deconvert, but it happens. So, it must be incorrect.

4) Discussion, debate and disagreements are useful for those who are sharpening their debating skills.

5) One can learn while disagreeing. Small, perhaps seemingly extraneous beliefs can be modified within the context of a grander disagreement.

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