Thursday, February 10, 2011

List of Things Wrong with Gaming.

I stated in a Previous Blog that I was going to blog about some things I really dislike about the current state of the video games' industry. Well, in that blog, entitled "Magazine writer fired after dustup with Rockstar PR and Capcom Milking Street Fighter IV even MORE!" I discussed the recent firing of a journalist who had published on his facebook page a letter from Rockstar games to his office. What exactly was in that letter? Well, read my previous blog to get the full details, but basically, the guys from Rockstar wanted this particular journalist known for his tough analyses to go easy on the game and treat it with reverence, basically.

Yes, Rockstar is telling journalists how to do their job. What to write and how to write it. What's the implication here? What are they saying, if you read between the lines? You better play ball, if you know what's good for you. You see, if they don't play ball (which they will, I am sure, now that Mr. Honesty has been anyone else reminded of the Jeff Gerstmann Incident? ) they lose ad revenue. They lose ad revenue, they lose....well, revenue.

You get the point. Money talks, sister.   

Anyways, it was this discussion that sparked this blog. I hadn't intended on doing it, well, right after the last one, but what can I say? I am inspired at the moment. Or maybe it's just enraged.

Here's my list: (Note: You likely won't agree with all of these, and they are problematic (in my opinion) to varying degrees. Some are less serious than others).

1) Digital distribution (especially the pricing.....*glares at Xbox Live Games on Demand*)

2) Re-releases of a game 6 months to a year later with added features and for less money

3) Paid DLC (especially day one or unlock keys)

4) The death of cheats

5) The death of splitscreen gaming

6) Focus on MP (to the detriment of SP, MP itself isn't a problem, although I much prefer a good campaign)

7) Short SP campaigns (damn you MP!!)

8) Games being released with obvious bugs intact (to be patched later......if you have online connectivity)

9) Franchise milking(Activision, anyone?)

10) Announce date announcements (don't forget the countdowns to the announcements of announce dates)

11) Ads before trailers......which are freaking ads! (I understand why, but still)

12) Developers acting like they're doing us a favour when they release an ad....sorry, demo

13) Pre-order bonuses (especially different ones for different stores)

So, what do you think?

Agree/disagree? I know a few of these are going to draw some contention, so let me have it!

....All three of you :(

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