Sunday, December 4, 2011

Typical Discussion with a Christian

I received two private messages on youtube regarding the first ever video I ever uploaded to the site. Said video is based on the following blog post:

Eternal Torment and a Just God

The thesis of said blog post basically being that the christian god punishes every sin in the same way, even though (apparently) not all sins are equal. I ask in the video/blog if this is fair, and whether or not we are more just than god, since "in the criminal justice system, differing crimes are given differing sentences. But not in hell. An atheist gets the same treatment as a serial rapist or a murderer. Hell, under this system, I would get the same punishment as Hitler. Is this fair? Is this behaviour indicitave of an omnibenevolent being?'

Here's the first of the two PM's I received:
Hey i watched part of your eternal torment video. you have legit questions!

one in of the Letters the Lord said this "My newly beloved flock, you have accepted what I have given you...

Now root out that which remains, for it has already died within you...

Do not revive it, let evil die!

All sin is sin and requires forgiveness...

All sin is not equal... Only forgiveness is equal...

All sin is forgiven through the cross...<<< Only the people's rejection, of that sacrifice, leaves them in the dark... Separated from God." - Jesus Christ in another Letter the Lord said this "...Yet you say, "I do not believe in punishment"... In this lies your error, for I sent My Son to take the punishment for you. If there is no punishment, then My Son I did not send, and you are lost. The punishment of sin is death, but the sacrifice of My Son is so you may live." -God The Father and in another letter the Lord said this "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. He, who believes in Me, has eternal life... The Father has provided. >>>Still men create religion, in vain hopes to reach God... God has sent His only Son to reach men. The Way is before all men, you need only take it...

One path, one way.

Take many roads, and they will lead you in many different directions... None to salvation, only confusion. If you then not take The Highway of Holiness, then I ask you, what path do you tread? For if God has laid the bricks of the one and only path, and swept it clean in The Son, then all other paths are full of debris and made by the evil one. - Jesus Christ -

anyway love ya bro, may the Lord lead you to repentance! God bless
 I choked back my laughter and responded:
Hello, I don't believe your message really addressed the main thesis (if you will) of my video. My point was to discern whether or not 'sins' are considered equal, and then to address the fact that the punishment for these 'sins' is equal accross the board. You yourself stated that:

"All sin is not equal... Only forgiveness is equal..."

which means that while the reward for good behaviour/acceptance of Jesus/repentance is equal (entrance into heaven) the punishment (eternal separation from god, according to your particular interpretation of the no torture in hell, correct?) based on your message is equal as well.

So, you have inequal sins with equal punishment. Rape is punished the same way as disbelief in god. Genocide is punished the same as lying or adultery. THIS was the point of my video (well, that and the questions that then follow from such an understanding).

You did not address this. Could you?

For example, do you have children? If so, do they receive the same punishment for any and all misbehaviours? Why or why not? If you do not have kids, you can still answer the question based on what you think parents should do/what is fair for children of any parent, including yours in the future, if you have any.

As far as the lord leading me to repentance, I need not repent to anyone but the people I hurt, and I make sure I do that whenever possible. I also seek to minimize the hurt I do to those around me. Neither of these require belief in a god.

Thank you for the message, and thank you for the nice sentiment at the end (although I don't believe you actually love me, since you don't know me). I don't know how many atheists you have encountered in your life, but I know many, and I know some that get offended or slightly miffed when a believer says god bless them. I am not one of those atheists, and I frankly find their reaction to be silly and misguided. God bless you is an expression of good will on the part of the believer. Why would you be offended or annoyed at someone expressing good will/a nice sentiment? That's silly to me. So, thank you for the nice sentiment, and I offer you a secular equivalent: I hope life treats you well.

I look forward to a potential response from you.

Here's the second ridiculous, rambling, nonsequitor response:

Hello. from my experience with the Lord, as i walk with Him He corrects Me and diciplines Me in a way that suits my life, according to the dicisions i Make :) the thing thank im thankfull for is that although i do sin, now that the Lord lives in Me no matter the sin, ive been forgiven (even though i dont deserve to be) becuase of His sacrifice.

But yeah in the old testament The Lord had diffferent ways of dealing with different sins commited by his people... Alot of those sins lead them to there death, but none the Less God dealt with different sins differently... apart from Christ you cant live, therefore apart from Him all sin no matter how great or small >leads< you to your death. theres no correction and dicipline (from God) for those who live apart from Christ, therefore there reward is equal,(death) but as soon as The Lord leads someone to repentance, then Jesus steps into their life and reveals himself, correcting and disciplining those his beloved, guiding the heart to a greater knowledge of who god is....anyways, I hope I'm not rambling off :) Just some thoughts, catch ya later.
I haven't responded back, and am unsure if I will or not. I mean, what can I say to this shit? He seems nice, so I don't want to be too mean, but if I am going to respond I kind of have to be mean, because what he sent me was retarded. So it's basically ignore him or be mean.


Seriosuly, this is not even remotely close to the first time a christian has engaged me on a point and while I was arguing with reason, they just argued nonsense. I mean, is it just me or doe these religious people often sound like stark raving mad fools spouting off nonsensical gibberish?

Can't I ever get a fucking staright answer out of these people? For once?


  1. give him this answer :-)

  2. Watching it now. Thanks for the link. This is my first exposure to this particular comedian.


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