Friday, March 2, 2012

Gaming Conventions That Need to Go! Pt. 4

1) Invisible barriers. They just don't make any sense. Either design a real barrier, or get/design a better engine that isn't so restrictive.

2) Key cards. These should have went out 20 years ago.

3) Cliffhanger endings. These are evil. Especially in the cases where a sequel never even materializes. I think you should always tie up your story as best you could. Treat each game like a microchosm of the overall story.

4) Kidnapped girlfriends. Some of the best games ever made have this as a plot outline, but still, let it go already. Why not start kidnapping some grandfathers already?

5) Instruction Manuals in 2009......redundant much? Waste of resources? Almost every game now explains the story and controls/how to play in game.

6) Mashing a button to open a door. THIS IS NOT FUN. THIS IS NOT IMMERSIVE. It's stupid, boring, repetitive and ruins the pacing of the game. I blame God of War for this crap (that damn game popularized QTE's in general, damn (still awesome) game).

7) Scantily clad women. I'm sorry, but um....why are people turned on by digital characters that don't even look remotely realistic enough to pass for real people?

The End?

Well, readers, I am sad to say that this may very well be the last Gaming Conventions that must Die! Blog. So, barring any unforeseen flashes of genius, I believe this may very well be it. Don't cry. I'll try not to.

Thanks (yet again) for reading.

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  1. I can't remember the last game I played that was released within the last 3-4 years that had keycards or something similar to those. Good thing too, because I hate that nonsense.

    I've heard a surprising number of online gamers who say that they still love game manuals. But ya, I'm sure 95% of people who buy a game never even look at the manual, which is why many companies nowadays keep it as skimpy as possible and print it in black and white. I rarely ever read them, and I wouldn't really give a crap if they got rid of them completely.

    I agree, fuck the door QTEs. Not just doors, but mashing a button to open ANYTHING. Fucking hate it.


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