Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey Anti-Vaccers'! Good Job Killing Babies!!

Here's a quote from an article I am reading regarding an epidemic of whooping cough in California, largely fueled by the incidence of adults refusing vaccines for both themselves and their children. Remember, the kids not being vaccinated is not the only hazard. The people around them not being vaccinated leads them to contracting diseases as well. If the people around you are all vaccinated, you won't be contracting anything. If, however, they listen to Jenny McDumbass and don't get vaccinated, they become potential carriers, and the most susceptible, infants (as well as immunocomprimised adults, such as myself, and the elderly) become potential recipients of this deadly gift borne of ignorance.


Anyways, here is the quote:
Pertussis once was widespread in California, reaching a peak of 21,344 cases in 1941. But a full-scale vaccination program reduced the incidence dramatically. Reported cases hit a low of 75 in 1976, but the disease has been creeping up since then. During the last outbreak year of 2005, there were 3,182 cases. So far this year there have been 1,496 cases.
From 21,344 to 75. SEVENTY FIVE!

And now?

Back to the thousands, and climbing. This isn't isolated, either. There have been many diseases making a comeback as of late, as herd immunity in various communities is being lost due to people opting out of vaccinations. Your 'personal choice' is KILLING PEOPLE.

What the hell can we do to combat the spread of all this ignorant misinformation that's permeating the culture as of late? Anti-Evolution, anti-vaccination, anti-global warming, 9/11, banking, nwo, moon, cancer cure etc conspiracies, etc. It's getting out of control thanks to the internet, the lapses in education, and movies like Zeitgesist. And it goes beyond mere idealogical differences. It threatens our actual futures. Yes, no hyperbole. It threatens our very future.

So, really, anyone....what the FUCK can we do? I have but a couple of ideas, and none of them alone are enough to combat this, but here they are, as they are at least a hypothetical start:

  • Teach critical thinking in schools, stating in elementary/grade school. Teach kids HOW to think in addition to WHAT to think.
  • Science needs like...PR people or something. Seriously, there needs to be someone between the science and the people who can clear things up for th emasses and defend the scientists and the science when it/they are attacked by morons with a camera. If celebrities and Coca Cola can have PR people, shouldn't one of the most important things in the fucking WORLD have them? (Yes, science numbnuts).  


  1. This makes me feel bad because I'm reasonably sure I don't have that vaccine. Between my hatred of drugs and not trusting doctors or drug companies very much I haven't been to see a doctor in over ten years.

    I do know that my mom gets vaccinated as me and my brother got extremely sick one year after she got one. I literally slept in front of the bathroom door for two days because I couldn't make it any further.

    I do agree with both of your ideas. I'm not sure how you could PR science, but it definitely needs to be heeded more.

    More important then teaching children how to think we need to allow children to think for themselves a little more. We are so worried about protecting them from mistakes that we don't let them learn from any. Which results in them just going along with what they are told rather then figuring stuff out on their own.

  2. "More important then teaching children how to think we need to allow children to think for themselves a little more. We are so worried about protecting them from mistakes that we don't let them learn from any."

    Absolutely. Experience is a great teacher.

  3. I actually don't have some vaccinations either but I plan on getting them soon.

    I agree strongly that children need to be taught critical thinking from elementary school. I'm pretty sure I didn't learn critical thinking until I was a freshman in high school. It's really sad how this is in our education system. I also agree on that experience thing. As some famous guy said (I might be misquoting here): "Experience is the best of teachers, it gives you tests without practice."

  4. Yet experience itself also becomes the practise ;)


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