Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I hope you're having a spooktacular Halloween. Amanda and I took Hannah on her first trick or treating excursion. She was dressed as a pumpkin (huge cliche, I know, but cute), and she seemed to love it! Here she is all decked out in her costume:


Hannah, and in the background, Rocky, one of our beautiful min pins, waiting to be let in after peeing outside (and probably wondering wtf happened to Hannah)

Hannah and Daddy (moi), in front of a house we had just hit up for delicious candy :)

Hannah and Daddy Again (Moi)
 So we took her to about 15 houses or so, and she filled her little pail full of candy, She was so shy as she approached the people, and seemed confused as to why everyone was giving her stuff, but she did have an air of gratitude about her, as well as general exuberance and wonder, which made it totally worth it. She loved seeing all of the pumpkins and various Halloween decorations all along the street, and of course she basked in all of the attention she garnered.

So, after that was over with, we took her home and watched A Nightmare on Elm Street with her, and for some reason she acted, well, like a total baby. I don't get it. It's a great fit for Halloween but rather than acting grateful she was acting all terrified and insubordinate. So we of course had to punish her, and so 15 minutes of waterboarding ensued.


She went to her grandparents after we were done trick or treating and she's staying thee for the night.

Note to the neighbourhood kids/parents:

When the front lights are off on Halloween, that means NO CANDY. Stop ringing our doorbell and making our dogs go insane!! Yes, we always give out candy but this year we were busy with Hannah. Trust me, I'm no Halloween grinch. I give out candy basically every year, but this year we did not, and I'm sorry, but you have to respect the rules. No lights, NO CANDY! And whoever rang my bell four times in rapid succession on multiple occasions should beware, because if I ever find out who they are I am going to put an apple in their pail next time.

I'll show them!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Halloween, everyone. I'm going to continue wallowing in my misery (yay bowel diseases) while I watch Wes Craven's New Nightmare....if I get a reprieve from the bathroom, that is :(


  1. Hey,
    Just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog. I am also an atheist (as well as a gamer) and the two don't seem to correlate often with people. Skeptics find gaming to be a waste of time, so it's nice to find someone who shares an enthusiasm for a wide range of topics. I have my own blog at be sure to check it out. Take care.

  2. I'll admit she looks adorable, but a pumpkin? Come on man I know you have more creativity then that. And where is your costume? I totally expected you to be all dressed up like Freddy.

    By the way you promise to make that a granny smith apple and next time I'm in your neighborhood on Halloween I'll ring the bell rapidly until you reach the door.

  3. I know, as I said in the blog, total cliche, but I'm saving the creativity for next year and onwards. Year one just had to be a pumpkin.

    Also, GTFO off my lawn.

  4. Any ideas brewing yet? Plus you do realize the early years are yours after that she'll be telling you what she wants to be. This may have been your only shot.

    I'm getting off your lawn. I just have to light this paper bag first.

  5. The only idea I have had thus far is a 1940''s style gangster.

    Okay, let me grab my shotgu- oh, nm, I'm Canadian. :)

  6. She would have to have a tommy gun if you go that rout. It's in the rule book. You would also have to post pictures because that would be beyond cute.

  7. I was going to actually add...."tommmy gun and all," so your comment is pretty interesting.

    Pics would of course be a requisite.


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