Friday, October 22, 2010

A Question on Morality and Film

I'd like to throw this up for people to have the opportunity to take a second look, as I really wanted to get a discussion going on this one and it never materialized.

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  1. '"And you think vigilante justice is wrong?"

    Absolutely. I suppose you could propose some hypothetical in which I would agree that the vigiliantiism is warranted, but as of now, yes, I have to say that I feel it's wrong. 100%

    Do you have any thoughts on that? I'd be curious to hear/read what you have to say.'

    I support vigilante justice over consideration of numerous factors. If local law enforcement authorities are unable to adequately protect their community then I believe that community has an intrinsic right to then protect themselves.

    However this has to be done with proper authorisation. In some instances a vigilante group may simply augment a local authority as neighbourhood watch or community support officers do.

    Much effort would be 100 PERCENT NECESSARY to ensure that the vigilante group does not succumb to demagogic attitudes and policies are not forged on irrationality or bias opinions.

    It would be very hard to form a vigilante group that would met all the necessary criteria.

  2. That's an interesting take on vigilantism, and certainly not what one think sof when they hear the term. I always picture, as everyone probably does, a lynch mob. When you put it in those terms, then my position would be amenable to argument.

  3. Glad to see the universal applicability of it!


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