Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dead Rising Case Zero....You Guys Enjoying Your Demo?

Was it worth it?

because watch other developers adpot this model going forward. Suddenly, no demo for a game, but hey, there's a $5....prequel.....ya...

Those of you who keep insisting that it's not a demo aren't very critical in your thinking

Demo for DR1? Yep.

Demo for DR2? Nope, but there's a prequel, which just happens to be a small scale taste of the full game to come, and it's got achievements and the ability to carry over stats, plus an enticing $5 price tag....just enough, in other words, to entice you guys into buying what is ABSOLUTELY a replacement for a free demo in Capcom's eyes. This was a stealth attempt at trying out a new revenue source: paid demos.

I don't care how loud you shout back that it's not a demo. It IS. Rather than just repeat what Capcom is saying (prequel, blah blah) think critically for a second. No demo, rather a small prequel three or so weeks before the full game...priced at $5. Ask yourself why, if this isn't just content from the full game, would Capcom build such an advanced arcade game and charge just $5 for it when it could easily be $10 or $15 if you compare it to other arcade games at those price points.

Capcom has put out demos for almost every game they have released this gen. Some games have had multiple demos. A few of their recent games have not sold well. Suddenly, a sequel to an actual profitable and popular "next gen" series has no demo, but a $5 'prequel.'



  1. I officially dislike Dead Rising now. Capcom plans on replacing Resident Evil with Dead Rising as it's number one franchise.

  2. 'adpot' - You know why...

    And it's a piss-take.. But in a few years people will consider this the norm and won't complain.. A demo you pay for defeats the initial purpose of a demo.. But that's just me preaching to the choir..

  3. The ignorant masses line up to dole out ever increasingly larger amounts of money for ever shrinking amounts of content, and they do so 'proudly' because they have convinced themselves that it's somehow virtuous to be 'loyal' to a freaking corporation.

    Meanwhile, us few have to sit back and watch our hobby change for the worse.

  4. Isn't there a free trial for Dead Rising: Case Zero though? So it's like a demo of a demo... mind = blown.

  5. Lol, I don't like Dead Rising, but I still downloaded the trial to check it out.
    Still didn't like it, and I sure as hell was never planning to buy it.
    Like you said, a demo you pay for, no thanks.
    Oh, but I must say, something like this has been done before. Remember the Fable 2 Pub games? Where the "in game money" you win, would transfer over the full game that was yet to be released. Although surprisingly, MS didn't try that again...most likely they failed I guess.

  6. Fable II pub games was free with a Fable II pre-order. Only difference. I got that free, so I did not complain ;)


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