Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to attract more blog readers.

How do I get more people to read my blog? How do I get more blog readers?  How can I attract an audience?
These are three ways of asking a question commonly asked around the internet. This question is so ubiquitous because all bloggers want their material read. Sure, many of us do this for ourselves, whether it be for catharsis or something else, but we all want to be read as well, otherwise we'd just maintain a private journal.

So, here is a list of 11 suggestions I recently gave to a friend who asked me this very question.

11 tips on how to get more blog readers

1) Put effort into tags. Search engines use tags to access and categorize pages.

2) Use key words in your article. For example, if you write an article entitled "Mafia 3 announced" make sure you say that a time or three in the article text as well. Make it easy for search engine robots.

3) Link your blog in your forum signatures.

4) Engage in conversation with other bloggers on their blogs and they and their readers, if interested, can click your name and check out your blogs.

5) BE PATIENT. I have been on blogspot for months, and only get between 20-40 visits a day.

6) Stick to a few subjects. Gives your blog an identity and is more memorable for readers.

7) Write well, and write about things you care about. A lack of care will be evident to the reader.

8) Post at least once a week. An unactive blogger won't get much attention.

9) Spellcheck.

10) Try to make your blog somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

11) Worry more about your content and less about your readership. If you build it, they will come.


  1. Cheers for these magx! I was just about to write a blog but scrolling through my updates I noticed this update.

    1 and 8 are tips which I'll trying to act out as much as possible. I've never used number 1 before and 8 is something I'm just trying to get started.

    Once again, thanks!

  2. No problem. Work it man, work it!

  3. Guess who has found his way back onto the Internet and decided to see what you were up to? While you are pondering who is stalking you now I'll admit that I was disappointed to see you had left GT. It seems that you weren't alone although I'll have to get started to really find out.

    As for this blog I would have to say that 4,5,6, and 9 are my strong points. The first three haven't even crossed my mind. I guess I enjoy the back and forth I get with the few people who find my blogs then reaching out to find new viewers.

  4. ......Guy?

    Dragonymos? You're back?!

    Where the HELL have you been, bro? More unfrotunate....stuff like before? I hope not man. I hope everything is okay no, if that was the issue. Add me to msn. I sent you my msn over at GT before I left.

  5. Yeah I commented using my Gmail account. I was as surprised as you are to see my real name there.

    I'll end up posting a blog about it, but I'll give you the short version. I disappeared because my mom and sister got into a fight over money which caused me to give up all the money I had saved (yes the Mass Effect 2 savings) and my mom to pour water on the computer before I got them to work it out.

    After that my sister decided to leave her boyfriend while I was staying at a friends house. Which left me stranded there with only the clothes on my back until the day I typed that previous message. During this time I had no way to contact anyone because I didn't even know where they lived and I never know anyone's phone number.

    Unfortunately no one contacted me either which led to me feeling sort of unwanted as well home sick. Hell I didn't know my sister and her boyfriend got back together until I read that they got married in the newspaper.

    Luckily that friend of mine liked having me around. A little to much it turned out as my mom contacted both of him and his wife online and they never mentioned it to me.

    Finally my sister needed a babysitter and asked me to do it. Which enabled me to set up my trip to get home.

    Of course it is my life so the day before I get here my mom falls down the basement stairs compressing a vertebrae, dislocating her shoulder, breaking her wrist, and bruising her ribs. Plus the two puppies I got for my birthday have sun poisoning real bad and are burnt real bad causing their hair to fall out. They look so miserable that it hurts to look at them.

    Damn when I think of all the crap I left out I realize how much writing I have ahead of me. I'll have to get on that soon.

    I'll have to join MSN which is Microsoft's correct. Does that mean I'm already a member since I have Live and have a Club Bing account.

  6. I have no idea how you can forgive these people. I cut my parents out of my life long ago, and I feel like it was for the best, especially my mom.

    I don't know whether this makes you a far better person than I, a sucker, or both. I mean, I feel bad saying this, but dude....your sister is using you.

    You are way too awesome of a person to let this shit happen to without saying something.

    As for MSN, yes, it uses your Live account. You don't even need to download Live Messenger if you do not want to. There's a web version built right into hotmail.

  7. It's not so much that she is using me as it is that it seems like an out of sight out of mind thing. At least until she needs me. She also took me to a theme park (Holiday World) and was going to take me to the UFC event this month until she realized how much it cost.

    The downside of the short version is that you don't get the full story it appears.

    That is where I'm confused. All of my Live stuff is through my Gmail account. So do I sign up for a hotmail account or do I already have it some how?

  8. Sign into Windows Live, click hotmail. and see what happens :)

    As for the story, that stuff does add an extra dimension.

    Families are so complicated. At least with mine it was easy. Mom=crazy, dad=chose mom, parents=out of life, stress=reduced.


  9. I guess I'll have to stop being lazy now and just check it out. I new it would come to that eventually.

    My entire family is crazy. The thing that what simplifies it for me is that I don't stress easy and can get along with nearly anyone due to my odd ways of thinking. Then again to outsiders I seem like the craziest person in my family despite my feeling that I am the most sane. I guess we all just have our own brand of crazy that we are mostly blind to.


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