Saturday, September 11, 2010

INSANE VIDEO!! Republican Candidate for Stark County (Ohio, USA) Treasurer Phil Davison is BATSHIT CRAZY!!!

Here's a video of Republican Phil Davison (Ohio) delivering a speech in an effort to attain the Republican nomination for Stark County Treasurer. Of course, I say 'delivering a speech' in the loosest of possible manners. Click to play  the video and witness the mother of all political gaffes. Then try to figure out what the HELL his deal is.

Seriously, Phil.....Why So Serious?

Btw, he lost. Surprising, I know!


  1. I could riff this video a new one, but here's some of my favoriteparts of this video:

    "I have a Master's Degree in Communication"

    Really, coulda fooled me. Communication over a half-broken telephone, maybe. He sounds like the guy who yells at the McDonald's drive-thru menu when he thinks they can't hear him.

    "With an aggressive campaign and an even more aggressive campaigner!"

    Can't get much more aggressive than that, he's got a point... lol

    "What you are seeing tonight is what everyone outside those doors is gonna get over the next 8 weeks"

    Oh dear god, RUN!

  2. "Oh dear god, RUN!"


    "I'm speechless."

    I know, it's fucking ridiculous, eh?

    "Wannabe Hitler."

    He's missing the horribly stupid moustache.

  3. He nicked the mustache off Charlie Chaplin.

  4. You know, I just saw a Scientology commercial, would this be the first one?

  5. Hahahaha. SO true, a comment about thetans would have fit right in....


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