Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dead Rising Case Zero WAS a Demo. DEFINITIVE PROOF!

Here is definitive proof that Dead Rising Case Zero is indeed intended to act as a demo (as previously discussed  HERE and in more detail, HERE). It was a replacement for the traditional free demo model and Capcom would like to use this going forward:

IGN: Case Zero came out just a few days back. Do you think releasing a paid-for prologue is a better idea than a free demo?

Keiji Inafune: Well, I didn't want to go down the boring route of cutting out a part of the game and letting players play for free, and then, if they like it and buy the game, they have to play through that bit again as well. I think that business model is really boring. Once we started talking about it – why couldn't we do something different, something experimental? - the idea came up that we could show a storyline that bridges the original game and Dead Rising 2. In order to do that we had to create brand new gameplay, so we had to charge a nominal sum for the privilege of getting that extra information and getting a feel for the world. This is an experimental case, but if it's well received, the retailers are probably going to see an increase in pre-orders, and it's good a fan-service as well. So let's wait and see – if this is well received, I'd like to use this model again in the future.


Welcome to paying for the chance to try out the new gameplay systems from upcoming Capcom games. Let's hope other developers do not follow suit.

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