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Friday, January 8, 2016

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

One door leads to three which all lead to three and pretty soon there's a multiverse of doors and each death means going back 30 doors and I get confused.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Strider Game Announced!!!

Capcom has announced that they are publishing a new Strider game for both current and next gen Microsoft/Sony consoles, as well as the PC. The game, which is being developed by Double Helix (the development studio currently working on the new Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One) will be released in "early 2014." Click HERE to read all about it, as well as to look at additional screenshots/video not posted below.

Here is a quick comparison between the old and new (click the link above to see several more screenshots of the game in action):

Strider For the Sega Genesis

Strider in 2014
Gameplay footage:

I cannot wait to jump back into the boots of the ninja Hiryu....2014 cannot come soon enough!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ruminating on Destruction (The Demise of Classic Video Game Franchises)

Back in January I wrote a blog post entitled “My Favourite Franchises Are Being Destroyed

In light of recent events, I have taken it upon myself to produce a follow up to said post. I am not sure what form the following will take (measured, rational assessment of things as I see them, an angry, emotional, irrational rant, or some combination of the two) but I do know that I am compelled to revisit this perhaps tired, but in my mind terribly poignant point: Classic video game franchises are being utterly raped in this seventh video game generation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Resident Evil Revival Selection Announced


Capcom, I hate you for being so insidious with your monetary practises, but this is fucking RE4 we're talking about, HD....achievements....Alright, you win, Capcom, you win.

Take my money.

Oh, ya, plus Code Veronica HD...achievements....but whatever, fucking RESIDENT EVIL 4!!!!

The excitement I feel is ridiculous. I feel like a kid at christmas.


Friday, December 3, 2010


NOTE: This blog is a long and expletive filled rant. It is a sequel to my last rant, Rant on PR Speak (Sparked by comments by EA CEO RE: "Online Pass"). Turn back now if you cannot handle a lot of cursing and righteous anger!

Also note that it's an older one that has been sitting in draft form for a few months now.

Still here? Great, let us begin.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dead Rising Case Zero WAS a Demo. DEFINITIVE PROOF!

Here is definitive proof that Dead Rising Case Zero is indeed intended to act as a demo (as previously discussed  HERE and in more detail, HERE). It was a replacement for the traditional free demo model and Capcom would like to use this going forward:

IGN: Case Zero came out just a few days back. Do you think releasing a paid-for prologue is a better idea than a free demo?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Dead Rising: Case Zero (0) Details (Follow Up to Previous Blog) EDITED!! (Capcom Lying/Being Disingenuous?)

Okay, so as of a few days back, my impressions of Case Zero (now seemingly renamed to Case 0) were not so favourable.

You can see my thoughts in full HERE

Here is an excerpt from that blog post (for the lazy):
unless Capcom changes their mind and releases Case Zero for free (fat chance!!), I am NOT getting it, and I suggest to any Dead Rising fans reading this that they leave it be as well, and send Capcom a message:

We will not pay for demos, assholes!
Yes, Dead Rising Case Zero is a demo. It's a demo and it's a damn ripoff!
This sentiment was based on, as I explain, the information released at the time (2 hours of gameplay, $20), my natural sceptical nature, Capcom's track record, and some video evidence for the gametime and price, as well as a developer and journalist both calling it a demo (all in the blog).

However, things just got complicated

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Magazine writer fired after dustup with Rockstar PR and Capcom Milking Street Fighter IV even MORE!

Magazine writer fired after dustup with Rockstar PR

Leaked email details Rockstar's extreme sensitivity to negative coverage

So, Rockstar is pressuring writers to be very positive, even if they feel otherwise? They are trying to tell the journalists what and how to write?
According to a story, a deputy editor for Austrailian publication Zoo Weekly has been fired after publishing an allegedly internal email from Rockstar regarding Zoo's coverage of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption. The alleged email from Rockstar, which former deputy entertainment editor Toby McCasker posted on his Facebook, contained the following:

This is the biggest game we've done since GTA IV, and is already receiving Game of the Year 2010 nominations from specialists all around the world, it read.

Can you please ensure Toby's article reflects this — he needs to respect the huge achievement he's writing about here.

What's the implication here? What are they saying, if you read between the lines? You better play ball, if you know what's good for you.

If Red Dead Redemption is so damn good, why do they need to do this? Are they lying about how good Red Dead Redemption really is?

I think so.

And what's with GOTY nominations already?

What the fuck really goes on behind the scenes in this industry?

Another thing:

Super Street Fighter IV, which already doesn't need to exist, apparently isn't enough milking for Capcom, as there is DLC for the game. Really? Like people buying your game twice isn't enough? You can't at least be somewhat decent and make sure that the gamers whom you have already manipulated and taken advatntage of at least get everything there is to offer from your now $110 game? You still have to sell them more shit?

We've got this shit, DLC releases on day one, DLC being announced well before a game ships, different pre-order bonuses for different stores, further fragmenting a game, Ubisoft holding back 2 levels from Assassin's Creed 2 for sale as DLC, Capcom removing content from Dead Rising 2 to repackage as a prequel (if you believe that they are legitimately developing this content and selling it separately you are a sucker, I'm sorry), and Capcom (again) selling fucking costumes for SFIV at a couple of bucks a pop, which, while already ridiculous, is made 100 times worse when you realize that these costumes were already developed, as they were in the arcade version of the game.

I don't like where this industry is headed.

I could go go on and on and on and on. In fact, I will! In another blog.


I promise it will be worth the wait. I will do a well thought out list of things that I feel are wrong with gaming. It won't be an off the cuff blog like this, so it will be of a higher quality.