Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SEQUEL TO EDF 2017 (Earth Defense Force 2017) ANNOUNCED!

I literally just came upon this, so this is hot off of the press- well, hot off of my becoming aware of it. Earth Defense Force 2017 is GETTING A SEQUEL!!! A long awaited (by like 10 of us lol) sequel, I might add:

It's about time!!

Excerpt from the above linked article:

"Regarding Earth Defense Force, the rumor is true about a new game… However, we are not revealing any additional information until our formal announcement in the near future."
No media is available at this point, nor are any specific details, but we all know the drilll by now.

My guess:

Online 2 player co-op.
Vehicles that actually work.
Either an improved framerate, or more onscreen chaos. (Perhaps both, but let's refrain from getting greedy).
Higher price point this time around.
The game gets a bigger push in terms o advertisement, and sells better, but still gets overlooked.
I will love it to death.
There will be (green) blood. And spiders.

D3 is still publishing. Hopefully they throw some extra money into promoting this one. I think they will, as they have been making money as of late. Hopefully Sandlot is still developing this.


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  1. Oh this is awesome news. My little brother told me about it, but I ignored him for the most part. xD
    Awesome though, I can't wait to see how this one turns out.


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