Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What Women Really Mean When Calling a Man an Asshole

Whenever a girl says some guy was an 'asshole' it almost always just means that she wants to feel like a princess and he made her feel like what she really is- just another girl*. Either that or what he wants doesn't line up with what she wants, so somehow he's an asshole even though she is not a bitch for having her own desires. 'Asshole' does not mean a bad person (in these cases). It really means "he did not make me feel special enough" and/or "he wants different things than I do." Examples:

"He texts me hours after I text him, sometimes even up to two days after! What an asshole." (not special enough)

"I said I wanted a relationship but all he wants is sex. What an asshole!" (wants different things)

"He looks at other girls right in front of me. What an asshole!" (not special enough)

"We hang out four times a week and he knows that's not enough for me but he still hangs out with his friends 3 nights a week when he KNOWS I feel left out. What an asshole!" (wants different things).

*Unless of course he's actually an asshole.