Monday, March 15, 2021

Patriarchy and Critical Race Theory- Fact or Conspiracy?

Western society being and always having been inherently and overtly patriarchal and critical race theory are both viewed as givens by much (perhaps most) of the modern left.
Neither one is nearly as confirmed (empirically speaking) as they believe them to be. Hence, it could be said that these are conspiracies. But to many, of not most, these ideas are likely taken as a given and as such would not be in consideration for questioning or viewing in the lens of conspiratorial thinking.

And if you "spit your coffee on your keyboard" at the idea that patriarchy theory as applied to western civilization is not an obvious, known fact, you too share this bias. We all have them of course so I don't mean this as a fault on your part.

Edit: I know the patriarchy one really gets people going because of how obviously true it is to so many people so let me just ask a few questions to show why I think the idea is not settled at all and definitely up for discussion:

1) During WWI, women were walking around America handing out white feathers to combat aged men/teenage boys as a way to shame them for being weak and wimpy as opposed to brave and courageous, sacrificing their lives for the homeland or whatever.

Now, during this time, black Americans were being lynched and white people were getting away with it en masse. Why? Because they actually were in an oppressive and dominant position. But the women, out damning the reputation and character of these dominant and oppressive men? Nothing happened to these women.

If these women were in a position similar to Black Americans, how could this disparity in outcome exist?

2) Alcohol was made illegal in the 1920s. The people who drank were primarily men. The prohibition movement was largely spearheaded by women. They won. How?

3) The idea of patriarchy is largely supported by the common reality of women "in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant" throughout most of American history. This is supposedly because men were dominating and oppressing them.

Well, what were the men doing all this time? Were they smoking cigars in nightclubs, banging go go dancers and making big business deals? Or were they largely suffering in mines, on railroads, on farms and running towards machine gun nests praying they don't get gunshot and slowly and agonizingly die in a foreign land?

Was it oppression of one over another or was it a division of labour based on the conditions of the time?