The Thoughtful Gamers' Greatest Hits!!

Note: By its very nature, this particular page will likely always be under construction. Also, these are NOT in chronological order. 

Ninja Gaiden Series Retrospective
Game Character Interview: Mario
My Encounter With a Religious Wackjob (I Am Apparently 'The Chosen One')
Doctors WITH Borders: Doctors Withdraw Treatment from Patients Who Thank God
Comfort: Comfortably Inept and Vacuous
Christianity in a Nutshell (Brand NEW, not a copy)
Advice To Potential Self Help Gurus
Our Ideas Regarding Sexuality/The Body/Nudity Are Screwed Up
The Reality Of Working From Home
Alpha Protocol Xbox 360 Review
How Life Changes After Having a Kid (or at least how I felt about it two years ago)
The Problem With Media Reports On Video Game Violence Studies
Sister Wives: What's the Big Fucking Deal? I Issue a Challenge to those against polygamy:
A Question on Morality and Film
Cancer Cure Conspiracy Debunked: Cancer Cure Found and Suppressed My Ass!
Astrology is Bullshit
Dichotomy Between People's Actions and Their Self Perceptions
Atheism is a Religion? and The Burden of Proof
Is Having Kids Selfish?
Being Single Is Selfish....Sure, But Relationships Are Just As Selfish
The War on Drugs is a FAILURE
Science: Anthropogenic Global Warming. It's Real. Climate Change is NOT A CONSPIRACY
You're Not An 'Agnostic.'
The World Would Be a Better Place If We All Studied Psychology
Top Ten Arguments "Against" Gay Marriage
"It's Just Business"- An Innocuous Phrase, or a Symptom of a Sick Culture?
9/11 Controlled Demolition Conspiracy Theory Debunked
Regarding Game Reviews: Theory, Details, Numerical Scales: Analysis and a Proposition
HAARP Causing Earthquakes is BULLSHIT
Letter to a Christian Nation
Achievements: Earned or Entitled?
The Gift- A Short Novel (First Draft) (Longest Blog Post In the World?)
Then and Now: Xbox 360 Hardware Review (I laugh at myself)
A Message to Catholics
Presuppositions, Frameworks, and Argumentation.
Christians embarrassed about/ashamed of Satan? (Silence on the Satan(ic) front).
Descartes Walks Into a Bar.....
Answering Creationist Q?s (answersingenesis + middletownbiblechurch)
Twenty Five New (Religious) Commandments. Like a New Ten Commandments, But Better
My Thoughts: A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake and The ANOES Series
If I Was God....
Never Sleep Again: The Nightmare on Elm Street Legacy Review
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 Remake Review
Fun Experiment: Take an Atheist. Get Him High. Place Atheist Inside Church.
Christianity is Wrong, Disgusting, and Morally Reprehensible
Why are Atheists So Angry?
God Goes to Marriage Counseling
PS Vita Review
Hardcore vs Casual Gamers


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