Thursday, May 6, 2010

If I Was God....

Note: This one is pretty much directly aimed at this Yaweh character (and his followers)

Note 2: There is a video on this very subject located at the bottom of this post.

If I was god......

If I was god, I'd have done things a bit differently. Here's a list of some of the things I would do. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. It's just to exemplify the type of things I'd be doing.

I'd make inanimate, non sentient meat grow on trees. so no species have to endure being eaten alive to provide sustenance for something else.

I'd make it so that the life I created is suitably built to withstand the environment I put them in. And if I did not (although I cannot foresee a reason why), I'd at least give them stuff to meet the environmental demands. I mean, what? The dude couldn't throw us a winter jacket? Do you send your kids out into the cold without a jacket? Make them hunt dangerous animals to make their own until they become smart enough to make coats in factories?

I'd design a world that doesn't have natural disasters, ever.

I would never have created things like cancer, polio, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, crohn's and ulcerative Colitis (things with which I am intimately familiar), ulcers, huntington's, asthma, angina, stroke, bursitis (have this as well), parkinson's, muscular dystrophy, fibromyalgia (yes it's real), narcolepsy, depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, birth defects like craniosynostosis (which I had) and probably one of the most horrible ones in existence, anencephaly (babies born without all or most of their brain, skull and scalp), which is pictured here:

(what the hell kind of perfect god allows THAT sort of shit to exist?)

I'd switch out pain for something else that warns you of danger but doesn't make you suffer. Or I'd make it so that pain shut off when it was no longer needed. Burn victims do not need to suffer for months on end. They are well aware of their injury and what not to do. Why do they need to suffer so?

I'd create people who adhere to the golden rule. Of course, this wouldn't apply to masochists. Actually that reminds me....

No masochists. And no sociopaths or psychopaths. Human brains wouldn't be such fickle things if they were of my creation. Yes, people would have freedom to develop as they will, but I would set some basic fucking parameters.

I wouldn't give two shits for what consenting adults do with their bodies.

I would not give people pervasive desires and then make it a no no to act on them.

I wouldn't expect to be worshipped. If I deserve it, respect me. Even love me, if you wish. No worship please. Maybe a few hugs from some pretty ladies, but that's it.

I wouldn't sit idly by and watch my children destroy one another and the environment I gave them to live in. We don't allow human parents to act in this manner, and I wouldn't expect you to allow me to do so either. Not that I would. A parent should guide their children and help them along the path of life, not remain hidden and silent with the only message being ''read my book.''

And, lastly, if I ever did get angry (a curiously human attribute), I wouldn't act out in a childlike way and throw tantrums involving hurricanes and earthquakes. I'd calm down and then approach my creation in a constructive manner, and broach the subject that ailed me. At most, I might raise my voice a few times a millenia. And for that I do apologize.


And if this stuff was caused by the so called fall of man, as you and your followers often say, well, you know what buddy? Perhaps you need to do what women have done for centuries: Lower your expectations. We didn't live up to your vision for us? Your creation failed you? Well, ignoring the fact that you are supposedly omniscient and would have seen this coming, you should lower your damn expectations and reduce your requirements. Lowering your standards makes a lot more sense than creating loopholes that include blood sacrifices, does it not? Especially given the fact that your loophole shenanigans still failed.

Sorry folks, but I think I would make a better god than this supposed god character. And no, I don't view myself as some sort of deity, demigod, or anything other than a fallible human being.


  1. i don't know if u ever read this anymore but i just read what exquisite wrote along time ago and your right its not an easy thing to believe for a lot of people. I have been having a hard time for a couple years now with the same stuff u mentioned but I've seen stuff that isn't possible without the existence of a higher power who i believe to be God. I know u said an emotional point wouldn't help so pick up any book by Josh McDowell a former atheist or the book Case for Christ. Btw this isn't a threat at all but if u read the Bible than u know what happens at the end have u thought about what happens if your wrong? In any case enjoy life and live it to the fullest that's what God intended

  2. "I've seen stuff that isn't possible without the existence of a higher power who i believe to be God"

    Like, what, exactly?

    "Btw this isn't a threat at all but if u read the Bible than u know what happens at the end have u thought about what happens if your wrong?"

    THis is Pascal's Wager. Pascal's Wager basically states that even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, whereas living as an atheist can possibly cost you everything but you gain nothing. Essentially, why don't you just believe, what do you have to lose?

    Pascal's Wager is severely flawed. Here are a few points to consider:

    -If we are wrong, we go to hell. Okay, what about if you're wrong? What if you have the wrong religion? Or even the wrong denomination, if you're Christian. Remember, there are 38,000 Christian denominations.

    -Are you saying we just just choose to believe? You cannot choose your beliefs. You are convinced. If we try to believe but aren't convinced, your god will see through that. He is omniscient, is he not?

    -Living as a religious if there is no god DOES cost you. Time and money for starters. Losing out on the things that you inhibited yourself from doing due to religious rule. In many, but not all, cases, you'll miss out on scientific knowledge. You'll also miss out on the knowledge that this life is it, and so we better make the best of it, because it's our one and only shot.


    Thanks for the comment, and I hope to hear back from you. I appreciate you not sinply attacking, and please don't miscinstrue my response as such.

  3. As for the convo with Exquisite, I responded to him, explaining how I thought he was wrong in his comments to me:

    ExQuiSitE: Many of us are living up to that vision, but many will not make the cut...

    magx01: Which is my point. Instead of letting millions not ''make the cut'' for millenia, even AFTER his grand plan to kill himself/his son in order to allow himself to give us a chance at forgiveness for the crime of merely living up to our own design (designed by him in the first place), all of which he would have seen coming due to his omniscience, he could easily just accept his creation for what they are, aka lower his standards.

    He created imperfect beings knowing they would falter, yet he did it anyways and did so with the expectation of perfection. You ask how I know what he expects? The same way you do. It's in your bible. I read it you know. He expected Adam and Eve to refrain from eating from the tree of knowledge. He excpeted us not to give in to temptation. We failed. He then had to spend thousands of years punishing many of us, as we failed to redeem ourselves (well, our ancestors, really). The plan is failing, hence the lowering of expectations being in order.

    As for the rest, that won't work. You can't come at me emotionally, it doesn't jive with me. I need evidence bro, and that evidence cannot come in the form of personal experience. Your experience is yours alone, and should not be compelling to those who did not share it.

  4. Yeah, but the earth that you would create is what heaven is...

  5. So what's the point of Earth?


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